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Top 20 Crypto Crowdsales: Best Of 2023

Early sales of new tokens by a project to its community are known as cryptocurrency crowdsales. They're frequently one of the finest methods to participate in a new cryptocurrency project before the token debuts on important markets. Buying into the top cryptocurrency crowdsales can be a great way to invest in a business early on.

However, with new projects being produced every day, it can be very challenging to distinguish between the good and the poor. Numerous crypto crowdsales are currently taking place as a result of the large number of new cryptocurrency projects that are emerging.

The 20 finest cryptocurrency crowdsales to buy in for 2022 are listed in this guide.

1. Tamadoge

Another candidate for the best cryptocurrency crowdsale of 2022 is Tamadoge. The users can buy virtual NFT pets in this play-to-earn cryptocurrency game. Every pet has its own unique set of attributes, advantages, and disadvantages when it is young. Players develop into adults in different ways as they take care of their pets.

When pets reach adulthood, they can engage in combat with other pets in the turn-based virtual arena of Tamadoge. Winners advance up the leaderboards, and the top players receive TAMA, the game's native coin.

Key Features:

  • The Tamadoge environment greatly depends on TAMA. It is the form of payment used to purchase pet upgrades and accessories as well as new NFT pets.

  • The goal of TAMA is to benefit players. A total of 2 billion tokens are available when the coin launches and Tamadoge burns 5% of each transaction's spent token supply. As a result, TAMA's supply gets smaller with time.

  • Players who buy and trade coins pay no transaction fees. Therefore, unlike many other new cryptos, there are no fees for making minor TAMA transactions.

2. Battle Infinity

One of the upcoming cryptocurrency crowdsales we're most anticipating in 2022 is Battle Infinity. Players will soon be able to design their own virtual mini-games in the "multiverse of metaverse" that Battle Infinity is creating. With regard to exploration, gaming, and development, Battle Infinity has truly impressive potential.

Key Features:

  • IBAT Premier League is the first project the Battle Infinity development team is working on. It is a metaverse-based sports fantasy game.

  • Players can design a fantasy squad, get a budget, and participate in leagues in IBAT Premier League to see which team performs the best.

  • To play in the IBAT Premier League, players need to obtain an NFT pass.

  • IBAT tokens, Battle Infinity's native cryptocurrency, are awarded to successful gamers. The metaverse economy is based on this token, which is also used to reward players, create games, and purchase NFTs.

  • Players will be able to purchase and sell IBAT on a decentralized exchange that Battle Infinity aims to establish within the metaverse.

3. CryptoDragons

Players can hatch and raise their own dragons in the play-to-earn NFT game called CryptoDragons. Players can hatch 10,000 different NFT eggs from the project's launch to discover their dragon.

Key Features:

  • Players can approach CryptoDragons in a few different ways once their dragon has grown up. They can first engage in dragon combat with other players in the CryptoDragons metaverse, winning and earning Dragon Coin (CDC).

  • Additionally, players have the choice to breed their dragons to create fresh NFT dragons.

  • In the game's marketplace, CDC tokens are the primary currency and are used for breeding, upgrades, and other purposes.


A new network called GIGCO, located in Solana seeks to use the blockchain to connect musicians, venues, and fans. By providing quick smart contracts to musicians, the project aims to decentralize the live music sector.

Key Features:

  • These "smart contracts" also establish the guidelines for ticket sales and establish a contract between a musician and venue.

  • Independent musicians who retain ownership of their music and products might benefit greatly from these contracts.

  • Additionally, GIGCO is launching a brand-new NFT category it calls non-fungible songs (NFSs). Musicians can create NFSs from their songs and then sell them to fans for GIG tokens.

  • During live performances, you can give tips to the performers using GIG tokens.

5. NFTWorkx

The mission of NFTWorkx, a provider of crypto services, is to assist people and organizations of all types in gaining from the Web 3.0 coin revolution. The business collaborates with many groups including artists, athletes, small businesses, and marketing agencies.

Key Features:

  • Create NFTs, build a Web3 platform, expand on existing NFTs, and more with the aid of NFTWorkx.

  • Workx, a cryptocurrency, is used to fuel NFTWorkx (WRKX). Workx tokens are used to pay for NFTWorkx's services, and owners get discounts on the majority of the company's services.

  • On the NFTWorkx platform, Workx tokens can also be staked to generate interest.

6. The Next World

Launching in The Sandbox metaverse is the free-to-play battle royale game The Next World. The first-person shooting gameplay is featured in a highly detailed gaming environment and was influenced by Call of Duty. Because The Next World runs on the Unreal Engine, users may anticipate exceptional graphics and performance.

Key Features:

  • TNW tokens power the in-game economy in The Next World.

  • TNW is given to players as a prize for winning matches and can be used to buy NFT improvements for a player's character.

  • The Next World intends to eventually start up international competitions with TNW-based awards.

  • Even without playing, project backers can still earn TNW.

  • The game also features a watch-to-earn system and TNW token staking.

7. inSHAPE

A new move-to-earn crypto game called inSHAPE builds on the creativity of others like STEPN. All workouts with inSHAPE can assist gamers in gaining SHAPE tokens. To start earning, just put on a fitness tracking bracelet, sign up with the inSHAPE smartphone app, and work out.

Key Features:

  • Fitness fans who aren't crypto experts will find inSHAPE to be intriguing due of its simplicity. However, more seasoned crypto aficionados can potentially increase their revenue by using limited-edition NFTs.

  • Every inSHAPE NFT offers unique bonuses that can be used to raise exercise earnings up to 30 times.

  • Out of a maximum quantity of 1 billion tokens, a total of 300 million will be produced. To buy SHAPE tokens, supporters can use BNB, BTC, ETH, USDC, or LTC.

8. Fusotao

A new protocol called Fusotao is intended for usage by decentralized exchanges (DEXs). By executing order book matches off a blockchain and then validating the transactions on-chain, it enables quick, ultra-secure trades.

Key Features:

  • The Fusotao procedure offers DEXs a number of significant benefits. First off, DeFi transactions do not incur gas fees because trade execution happens outside the network.

  • Another advantage is that DEX communities can share transaction costs with their communities thanks to Fusotao's native coin, TAO. The Fusotao protocol can be used to stake TAO to any DEX for this capability.

  • TAO can also be sent out as payment to traders on exchanges backed by Fusotao.

9. WagerGang

A decentralized sports betting website built on the blockchain is called WagerGang. The play pool for any sporting or esports event is managed by smart contracts.

Key Features:

  • The amount that players stand to win is determined by how much they gamble overall and how much they contribute to their team's pool overall. The player receives that portion of the wager pool for the losing team if their team wins.

  • With this technique, WagerGang offers no odds, house edge, or handicaps. It's a revolutionary new approach to sports betting that empowers players and makes it much fairer.

  • Players must spend GANG tokens to wager with WagerGang. This Binance Smart Chain coin has undergone a complete audit.

10. CrimeCoin

Al Capone, John Giotti, Carlo Gambino, and other well-known crime bosses are featured on the new meme coin known as CrimeCoin. It promises to be superior to any history curriculum and offers historical information about these criminal leaders.

Key Features:

  • Although the currency doesn't have much use, the allure of criminal bosses might be enough to increase its worth.

  • Additionally, CrimeCoin has undergone complete KYC verification, and CoinSniper has certified the project.

  • The maximum supply of CrimeCoin tokens is 1 billion. A purchase can cost as little as 0.1 BNB or as much as 1 BNB. The pre-sale lasts through the end of 2022 and has a cap of 138 BNB.

11. Kryptview

The modern world runs on data. As a result, one of the top cryptocurrency crowdsales currently taking place could be Kryptview (KVT), a platform for community research and insight sharing. The official launch date has yet to be revealed because it is a very young project, but it may end up being one of the best cryptocurrency ICOs of the year.

Key Features:

  • Kryptview has developed a safe peer-to-peer platform that compensates users for giving in-depth fundamental analyses on cryptocurrencies by integrating blockchain technology into a research platform.

  • The community then structures, evaluates, and rates this analysis before it is completely made available to all Kryptview users.

  • This system ought to help level the playing field for investors and greatly aid newcomers who might not know what to look for while performing basic analysis.

12. MapMetrics

Today, navigation skills are essential. People frequently use maps to get from point A to point B. However, because the vast majority of navigational software or websites are free, updates are scarce and maps are frequently wrong. This obviously creates a challenge. However, MapMetrics (MMAPS) intends to employ blockchain technology to find a solution.

Key Features:

  • MapMetrics wants to build a platform that offers its consumers constantly updated, always correct maps using the blockchain. It intends to accomplish this by building a community-driven platform that pays users in cryptocurrency for sharing their location information and updating traffic and other road conditions.

  • MapMetrics also intends to pay users in cryptocurrency and NFTs just for using the app, making it a fantastic substitute for well-liked community-focused navigation apps like Waze.

  • MapMetrics may wind up with a sizable user base given that billions of people use navigational apps. The MMAPS token may soar as a result of this.

13. CNX Network

A blockchain network with high degrees of privacy and energy-efficient transactions is called CNX Network (CNX). With the help of the network, the CNX team hopes to integrate blockchain technology into a wide range of practical uses.

Key Features:

  • Today, there are a few third parties involved in practically every service. This results in higher expenses for consumers and frequently causes considerable delays.

  • By using the blockchain to recreate existing real-world apps, such as job boards, CNX Network hopes to offer users services that are more affordable and effective.

  • Given that CNX Network intends to develop at least 100 applications that make use of its technology, the resulting ecosystem might be extremely successful and potent.

14. Value Acknowledger

A project called Value Acknowledger (VACK) aims to change how employers compensate their staff members. As they stand, payroll solutions can be costly, challenging, and disadvantageous for workers. By developing a payroll system that is plug-and-play compatible on the blockchain, Value Acknowledger seeks to change this.

Key Features:

  • Value Acknowledger's main objective is to simplify payroll for businesses.

  • Due to its support for both automated and manual payments, the system is very adaptable.

  • Value Acknowledger is made to facilitate regular payroll tasks as well as to enhance employee rewards.

  • It can be integrated with a company's software to collect data on the time and effort workers put into a project, enabling management to provide staff fair performance-based bonuses.

15. Koakuma

Another of our recent token crowdsales with enormous potential is Koakuma (KKMA). The project seeks to produce an engaging and expertly designed multiplayer online action role-playing game by using the Gamefi and P2E trends in the crypto arena (ARPG).

Key Features:

  • Koakuma is focused on giving gamers a triple-A gaming experience in order to attract consumers in a field that is becoming more and more competitive.

  • Koakuma intends to create a highly detailed Metaverse universe and immersive, fluid fighting mechanics to accomplish this.

  • The game will have a vast, open environment where users can interact with one another and engage in monster combat for the chance to find valuable riches.

16. EdaFace

There are currently a huge variety of services available in the bitcoin sector, and the list is getting longer daily. Finding the top platforms can be quite time-consuming and challenging as a result. EdaFace (EDA) wants to alter this, though. The initiative attempts to unite all aspects of the cryptocurrency market on a single platform.

Key Features:

  • The team behind EdaFace wants to build a completely decentralized platform that combines several crypto technologies in order to offer users a smooth experience.

  • In order to make the bitcoin market safer, the initiative places a strong emphasis on identifying scam enterprises.

  • EdaFace may turn out to be one of the best cryptocurrency crowdsales available, as scammers and overly complicated platforms are now preventing the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

17. Vertise

For everyone, whether an individual or a business, who wants to protect their intellectual property, copyrights and patents are essential. But copyrights are expensive, difficult to obtain, and notoriously difficult to enforce when they are violated. Vertise (VTS) wants to change that, though.

Key Features:

  • Vertise intends to leverage the blockchain to offer unchangeable trademark protection and anti-counterfeiting services to businesses and individuals.

  • Anyone will be able to search up product details and confirm that they are working with a reputable store and not a dishonest person trying to sell them fake items.

  • It allows users to validate their ownership of a product without the requirement for physical evidence.

  • Vertise makes it simple to buy and sell a variety of intellectual property since it facilitates very rapid ownership transfers.

18. Crypto Blocks

People can engage in and cast votes in the decentralized autonomous organization of Crypto Blocks through an ongoing crowdsale for tokens (DAO).

Key Features:

  • The creation and upgrades of the crypto blocks ecosystem are governed by the Crypto Blocks DAO.

  • The Crypto Blocks team has developed a system that is centered on the community by producing cryptocurrency. The NFT collection and P2E game of the project may depend on this in order to develop and be successful in the future.

  • Theoretically, Crypto Blocks should constantly be able to provide the greatest experience for its customers by allowing the community to vote on significant decisions.

19. EstateX

EstateX is another recommendation for the greatest cryptocurrency presale to invest in this year. With more than 5,800 followers on its official Twitter profile, the forthcoming cryptocurrency project EstateX has already garnered a lot of interest online. The project's objective is to increase real estate investing's simplicity, affordability, and accessibility for everyone.

Key Features:

  • EstateX aims to accomplish this by providing "fractional ownership" of properties located within the ecosystem of the platform. These "shares" in each property can be simply purchased, sold, or exchanged; all transactions are made possible by ESX, the native token of EstateX.

  • This appears to be a sizable gap in the market for EstateX given that the European Tokenized Real Estate Market is anticipated to be worth €1.5 trillion by 2024.

  • The blockchain will host all ownership stakes, providing the utmost security and transparency. Additionally, investors will be able to exchange their ownership holdings around-the-clock through EstateX's secondary marketplace. They can even use asset-backed tokens to get quick loans.

20. BabyApeCoins

This year, BabyApeCoin is another cryptocurrency presale project to keep an eye on. As its name implies, BabyApeCoin seeks to capitalize on ApeCoin's success while providing a way for investors who missed the latter's price surge to gain value. Additionally, the team behind BabyApeCoin claims that they want to offer more utility than other coins of a similar nature.

Key Features:

  • BabyApeCoin is regarded as one of the top cryptocurrency presales of the year since ApeCoin is unquestionably one of the best meme coins available.

  • This project's "static rewards" system, which is intended to reward BNB holders, is its key selling point.

  • BabyApeCoin transactions are subject to a 15% transaction tax, with 4% of that amount going back to token holders.

Things to Consider While Purchasing a Crypto Crowdsale

  • Keep your portfolio's cryptocurrency investments to 5% or less. Only invest in cryptocurrencies what you're willing to lose.

  • Before investing in cryptocurrencies, make sure you have an emergency fund, have paid off any high-interest debt, and have a standard retirement plan in place.

  • Start with the two most well-known and prominent cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and Ethereum.


In conclusion, this guide has provided a thorough review of the top cryptocurrency crowdsales to invest in, highlighting the projects garnering the most media interest.

Crowdsales are inherently hazardous, but if done correctly, they can provide profits that surpass the market, creating yet another intriguing investing possibility.

The greatest cryptocurrency crowdsales enable investors to participate in brand-new crypto projects early on and may be profitable if these projects succeed.


What is a Crypto Crowdsale?

A cryptocurrency crowdsale is the public sale of a new cryptocurrency via a project's website. There is no centralized or decentralized cryptocurrency exchange involved in this transaction because it is made directly between a project's treasury and the buyer's crypto wallet.

Because they give supporters of a project the chance to purchase a token before it is listed on significant exchanges, cryptocurrency crowdsales are frequently referred to as pre-sales. Cryptocurrency crowdsales normally last a short while, and the majority of projects intend to hold an ICO or IDO after the crowdsale is over.

How Do Cryptocurrency Crowdsales Work?

Cryptocurrency crowdsales are comparatively easy. Anyone wishing to purchase a coin during a crowdsale should only link their wallet to the project's crowdsale platform before making their purchase. The majority of crowdsales accept one or more well-known cryptocurrencies in return for their new tokens, like BNB.

In contrast to the exchange rate that will be provided at a future ICO, cryptocurrency crowdsales are conducted at a predetermined exchange rate. Therefore, the greatest cryptocurrency crowdsale offers buyers an opportunity to purchase at a reduced cost. The majority of crowdsales don't forbid buyers from making sales after the ICO, therefore there may be an opportunity for investors to cash out for a rapid profit.

How to Locate the Best Cryptocurrency Crowdsales?

Finding the finest cryptocurrency crowdsale before the pre-sale expires and an ICO occurs is one of the strategies for participating in it. Discovering new coin crowdsales, let alone the finest ones, maybe surprisingly difficult.

Twitter is the finest resource for finding cryptocurrency crowdsales. Most new cryptocurrency initiatives make their initial public appearances and declarations of intent here. The development team will almost probably be making announcements on Twitter if a project wants to encourage people to purchase its coin during a crowdsale.

Reddit is another place to find announcements about the top token crowdsales. Many developers are familiar with Reddit and search for assistance in the subreddits with a cryptographic focus.

Are Crowdsale Cryptocurrencies a Good Investment?

Whether investing in cryptocurrency crowdsales is worthwhile is one of the important issues that investors need to ask themselves. The crowdsale will determine the answer. The best cryptocurrency crowdsale may provide enormous rewards, while others may prove to be duds.

Here, we'll go over some of the key factors that make cryptocurrency crowdsales worthwhile investments.

  • Reduced Prices

The fact that these crowdsales often provide lower rates for a new token than you will get at a later ICO or IDO is one of the key benefits of participating in a cryptocurrency crowdsale. In reality, several businesses offer tokens through a crowdsale at a 25% or 50% reduction from the price they had originally set for their ICO.

  • Arrive Earlier

Most recent cryptocurrency initiatives have constrained token supply levels in circulation. Due to this, it may be challenging for latecomers to fully commit to a project or to amass a necessary amount of tokens for staking and purchasing.

  • Successful Projects

Crowdfunding for cryptocurrencies can be somewhat similar to venture capital. Several initiatives might fall apart, rendering their tokens useless. The money spent on unsuccessful enterprises, however, may be more than made up for by another excellent business that offered 10X returns. Investors in cryptocurrency crowdsales get to do the thrilling task of selecting the most promising businesses that will generate these enormous rewards.

What Cryptocurrency Crowdsales are The Greatest to Buy in?

Battle Infinity and Tamadoge are, in our opinion, the two best cryptocurrency crowdsales to invest in for 2022. While Tamadoge is developing a play-to-earn cryptocurrency game where players can engage in NFT pet combat, Battle Infinity is building a metaverse for gaming and fantasy sports. Crowdsales are now being held by Tamadoge and Battle Infinity for a brief period of time.

Top 20 Crypto Crowdsales: Best...

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