COVID-19 has pushed all of our lives into becoming increasingly digital. Not only are we working from home, but also socializing from home and storing all of our data on the same system. Everything about our data lives is in the same place. However, with an increased digital presence and large stores of personal and professional data, there is an increased risk of cybercrime.

Everybody knows about antiviruses and VPNs, but I wanted to dive deeper in the world of cybersecurity to find new and safe ways of keeping everything private and inaccessible to a stray hacker. There are many strange tools and services on the web, but there are also many super useful ones, along with detailed guides and advice.

So, after many days of research, I’ve put together this list of Cybersecurity resources so that you can integrate cybersecurity measures seamlessly into your daily life. This list is more than just tools — it also have some very vital articles that will help you understand cybersecurity better, and also realize its important in today’s world.


Mullvad serves to be an ethical VPN service provider for keeping a unique account number for connecting to the respective VPN. Privacy can be such a major concern in today's day and age and such tools help!

Mullvad asks for no email, contact information, or any such personal information. It claims to be using one of the best encryption method for its VPN services.

1Password is the best way to stay secure online and the fastest way to use the web. 1Password makes you more productive while simultaneously increasing your security with strong, unique passwords for all your accounts and keeps all of your important information encrypted and secure.

In addition, 1Password also provides protection against web-based phishing attempts. It goes beyond password management by adding web form filling and strong password generation.


Hacking Websites with SQL Injection - Computerphile

This video explains how and why SQL injections can be detrimental to websites.

9 min

Password Cracking - Computerphile

Strong passwords are the foundation of cybersecurity. This video shows how hackers crack passwords so that you can build a strong password.

20 min



This website gives you access to more than 50 Linux-based cyber lab exercises for understanding cybersecurity.


bWAPP is a website with many bugs that are detrimental to cybersecurity. You can use this resource to crack these bugs and additional testing.

Damn Vulnerable iOS Application (DVIA)

This is similar to the previous cybersecurity resource, except this site concentrates on iOS application security.

Defend the Web

Defend the Web is a cybersecurity platform where you can learn and challenge yourself with cybersecurity issues.

OWASP Juice Shop

OWASP Juice Shop is a vital cybersecurity resource. It has a vast number of hacking challenges so you can identify common security issues.

Security/ Hacking training movies

This site is a web hacking simulation walkthrough series to help you crack ethical hacking.

Case Study: Hacking various sites

This site is a good cybersecurity resource with CSRF examples to help you understand cross-site request forgery.


PentesterLab exercises can help you find more bugs and get better at protecting your websites and applications.

Center for Development of Security Excellence

As an official website of the American Defence Counterintelligence and Security Agency, this site offers training and certifications in cybersecurity.


Cybrary is the fastest growing, fastest-moving catalog in the industry. Make use of this cybersecurity resource for learning and training.



Damn Vulnerable iOS Application (DVIA)

Defend the Web

OWASP Juice Shop

Security/ Hacking training movies

Case Study: Hacking various sites


Center for Development of Security Excellence



Wireshark Cheat Sheet

This Wireshark Cheat Sheet is all you need for your protocol analysis needs.

Hacking tools cheat sheet

Many cybersecurity enthusiasts use Linux. This Linux cheatsheet is what you need to get started.

Common ports to remember

An important cybersecurity resource is ports. This common ports cheatsheet provides the TCP/UDP port numbers of common cybersecurity ports.

Nmap Cheat Sheet

This Nmap cheat sheet is a crucial document while getting started with cybersecurity.

Kali Linux Cheat Sheet

In this cheat sheet, you’ll find some extremely important Kali Linux commands as you get into cybersecurity.

Metasploit Cheat sheet

Metasploit is a free tool that has built in exploits which aids in gaining remote access to a system by exploiting a vulnerability. This is the cheat sheet you need to get started.

Cybersecurity Glossary

Here’s another crucial cybersecurity resource: an NCSC Glossary with some common words and phrases relating to cybersecurity.

OWASP top 10

This handmade mindmap illustrates the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities in an easy-to-understand way.

Tactical Web Application Penetration Testing Methodology

This PDF contains 6 phases of tactical web application penetration testing methodology. A great cybersecurity resource for beginners.



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