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Top 20 E-Commerce Data Integration Tools

Cloud-based solutions for managing e-commerce, business, and sales data are e-commerce data integration tools. They link together several programs, such as CRM and marketing automation systems, or store data in distinct databases.

These technologies are used by businesses to maintain up-to-date information accessible to consumers and in the hands of salespeople.

Many of these tools offer capabilities comparable to those found in iPaaS solutions, but e-commerce data integration products are tailored to the needs of e-commerce enterprises.

Here is a list of top tools for e-commerce data integration you can consider before getting one.

1. Segment

Segment is a major data integration tool around the world. The platform gives businesses the data they need to place their consumers at the center of every choice they make. Companies can use Segment to gather, unify, and move their customer data into any platform where it's required in real-time to better comprehend their consumers and create frictionless, engaging experiences.

Thousands of organizations use Segment to make real-time choices, drive growth, and provide world-class consumer experiences, including Intuit, FOX, Instacart, and Levi's. All tools will be powered by the same high-quality data. It only takes a few minutes to integrate a new analytics tool.

Key Features:

  • Custom Volume

  • Single View of the Customer

  • Data Governance

  • Advanced Roles and permissions

  • Historical replay


The pricing for this e-commerce data integration tool starts from $120 per month.

2. Webgility

Webgility is the most versatile, worldly, and user-friendly computation tool for online businesses. All of your sales channels' data is linked automatically and securely. This tool helps you keep your books up to date at all times.

At the order and item level, gain intelligent insights into your business's performance and profitability, then utilize that information to develop the most effective long-term growth strategies. Mistake due to human error. The automation provided by Webgility promotes operational efficiency. Purchases, fulfillment, returns, refunds, and other operations can all be enabled by users.

Key Features:

  • Bookkeeping Automation

  • Payout Reconciliation

  • Inventory Sync

  • Expert Onboarding

  • Nightly Automation


The pricing for this e-commerce data integration tool starts from $39 per month.

3. Dataddo

Dataddo is cloud-based data integration, automation, and transformation tool that works with any online data provider without requiring any coding. Connect data from any internet source, such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Facebook, and Google Analytics, to your BI tools, dashboards, and data warehouses using the Dataddo platform.

Without having to worry about integration concerns, you can monitor all of your incoming data from a single administration center. They work with your system because it works for you. Dataddo works with your existing data warehouse and business intelligence solutions. From tiny businesses to established corporate, fully scalable to grow with your organization's incoming data load.

Key Features:

  • Lightning-fast deployment

  • No-coding required

  • Future-proof

  • Adaptable

  • No maintenance


The pricing for this e-commerce data integration tool starts from $35 per month.

4. DCKAP Integrator

DCKAP Integrator is a cloud-based middleware that handles all of an e-commerce system's integration requirements. Automated Integration Can Help You Grow Your Business. DCKAP Integrator helps you sell smarter, better, and quicker by simplifying all elements of digital commerce connections. Boost client engagement and revenue by improving integration efficiency.

It functions as an intermediate connection, managing the flow of information between two or more data points while keeping order, and it provides a dependable, secure, and scalable solution.

The DCKAP Integrator connects apps by creating numerous tunnels with conveniently accessible microservices. Keep all of your systems on the same page and eliminate data discrepancies, all while decreasing the amount of staff required to resolve any issues.

Key Features:

  • Flow builder

  • Parallel processing

  • Modifiers

  • Minimum threshold

  • Number of systems


You can request a quote through their website.

5. Hevo Data

Hevo Data is a bi-directional, no-code data channel medium created specifically for current ETL and ELT requirements. It helps data units in streamlining and automating org-wide data flows. This results in weekly engineering time savings and 10x quicker reporting, analytics, and decision making.

Databases, SaaS Applications, Cloud Storage, SDKs, and Streaming Services are among the 100+ ready-to-use connectors supported by the platform. Hevo is trusted by over 500 data-driven enterprises in over 35 countries for their data integration needs. Hevo can help you get your fully managed data pipelines up and operating in minutes.

Key Features:

  • Set-up Assistance

  • Dedicated Data Architect

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • On-Demand Events

  • Support SLA


The pricing for this tool starts from $249 per month.

6. is an e-commerce-focused data warehouse integration platform. This tool assists E-commerce businesses to create a 360-degree perspective of their customers, creating a single source of truth for data-driven choices, enhancing consumer insights through improved operational insights, and raising advertising ROI by allowing targeted advertising. is designed for e-commerce businesses that are frustrated with not having the data they need to grow. The platform was created by combining FlyData, Dreamfactory, and provides a citizen integrator with a low-code solution to transform your data warehouse into a data platform that supports all of your company's decision-making and operational systems.

Key Features:

  • Better insights

  • Improved customer experience

  • Reliable

  • Real-time reporting

  • Real-time inventory


You can request a quote through their website.

7. Synder

Synder is a must-have program for managing your accounting if your company has several sales channels. You no longer need to manually track all of your e-commerce platforms. Synder connects 14 different payment processors and accounting systems. Reconcile with a single click Synder makes it simple to record all of your transactions for a given fiscal quarter and makes reconciliation a one-click operation.

Obtain a comprehensive data report Fee, tax, discount, inventory, client location, and other factors can all be used to automatically classify transaction data. Duplicate data should be avoided, and incorrect data should be deleted with a single click. Gather all of the information you'll need to maintain your records up to date and complete your tax return without errors.

Key Features:

  • Inventory tracking

  • Product mapping

  • Bundle and assemblies Syncs

  • White-glove onboarding

  • Access to historical data


The pricing for this e-commerce data integration tool starts from $14 per month.

8. Adverity

Adverity is an end-to-end marketing analytics platform that helps data-driven marketing teams make better choices quicker and increase performance across all campaigns and channels. Adverity makes it simple to uncover possibilities to earn more money and demonstrate marketing ROI by combining siloed data and exposing actionable insights.

Adverity allows marketers to follow marketing conquest in a single perspective. This helps effortlessly find new understandings in real-time with the automatic data integration from over 600 sources. This directs to data-driven enterprise options, improved growth, and a supportable return on investment. At Adverity, you will be provided with the tools that enable the next generation of marketers to make the most of their contribution to the success of their firm.

Key Features:

  • Visualization and analysis

  • API

  • Unrivaled data quality

  • Automated ETL

  • Dynamic reporting


You can request a quote through their website.

9. Improvado

Improvado is an ETL platform that takes data from over 200 pre-built connections, transforms it, and loads the results effortlessly to anywhere you need it. To gain superior business insights, combine all of your marketing data in one location. Increase the speed of your decision-making and the speed with which you can make optimizations without wasting time crunching data.

Data may be pulled from any platform and sent to visualization tools such as Tableau, Looker, Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, and others. There will be no more arduous manual labor, errors, or discrepancies. Effectively collaborate with your colleagues, other departments, and stakeholders. Data may be easily aggregated and visualized. It's time to take charge of your marketing data.

Key Features:

  • Data storage and data warehouse managed services

  • Automated cross-channel normalization

  • Support from a dedicated customer success team

  • Enterprise SLA

  • Pre-built connectors


You can request a quote through their website.

10. Connect Pointz

Connectpointz iPaaS solution helps you put your company activities on autopilot. A single cloud-based solution that unifies all of your sales channels into a single, easy-to-manage platform, allowing for smooth order-to-cash automation and EDI compliance across 800+ preset sales channels and business apps. For inventory, orders, delivery, and bills transact with your clients in near real-time.

ConnectPointz iPaaS is by far the most configurable option among all the competitors. ConnectPointz uses pre-configured and bespoke integration solutions to link and automate company systems and processes. The team recognizes that each client's supply chain, warehouse management, and sales channel partnerships are all unique.

Key Features:

  • Set-up Assistance

  • Dedicated Data Architect

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • On-Demand Events

  • Support SLA


You can request a quote through their website.

11. Syncapps

SyncApps is the AI-enabled, all-in-one bidirectional iPaaS solution that aims a mission to offer inexpensive automation to every enterprise. Find out how your company can profit right now. Cazoomi, a 100% remote, experienced team, brings you the SyncApps integration platform, which can assist your team combine the top CRM, eCommerce, Marketing Automation, Financial, and Support applications from across the world.

As you explore your choices on this platform, which offers 150+ integrations for keeping your data throughout your essential software applications, their 24/7 support teams can walk you through your different use cases, integration scenarios, and setup. If you're seeking a reliable iPaaS managed by industry specialists, SyncApps is the solution for you.

Key Features:

  • Sync on Demand

  • Custom Unsubscribe Feature

  • Dedicated Integration Success Team

  • 2+ Concurrent automation runtime

  • Override Email Field Mapping


You can request a quote through their website.

12. Adeptia Connect

Adeptia Connect is a next-generation corporate connection solution that enables safe integration even for non-technical business users. The Adeptia Integration Suite (AIS) is the most complete and adaptable integration software platform available. AIS removes the need for different integration suppliers and apps, allowing you to get the most out of your investment and ensuring that your company is future-ready.

Hundreds of firms have used this enterprise-class software platform to automate every stage of their B2B integration processes, earning praise from industry commentators. Since 2000, we've helped hundreds of clients with their most complex integration and networking requirements. Adeptia Connect makes doing business with you easier by allowing your users to onboard partners up to 80% quicker.

Key Features:

  • Accelerated process

  • Multiple systems

  • Flow builder

  • API Integration

  • Reporting


You can request a quote through their website.

13. Appse Connect

Appse Connect is an intelligent integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that links apps and automates procedures. The platform includes a low-code visual integration designer called "ProcessFlow" that allows users to create whatever they can think of, from basic workflows to complicated and crucial business processes. With the newest integration paradigms and best-in-class technology.

Appse Connect solves one of the most significant challenges facing today's enterprises: integrating, synchronizing, and related data, apps, and processes across cloud and on-premises systems. It enables businesses to take advantage of their current apps, resources, technology, and data to simplify processes in a quick, secure, and dependable manner, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Evaluate the Platform

  • Zero Implementation Cost

  • Limited Features for POC

  • Code Free Platform

  • Includes connection


The pricing for this tool starts from $129 per month.

14. Sync Spider

SyncSpider is a global marketing solution that allows you to synchronize data from your web app across hundreds of channels and platforms. All of your Webapp data, like contacts, support issues, tasks, and product details, maybe synced to your CRM or other apps. SyncSpider makes it simple to automate your time-consuming daily routines.

SyncSpider eliminates the need to manually copy and paste data. SyncSpider will sync your data with all of your active platforms in seconds, whether it's customer data, sales, inventory, tasks, support requests, or anything else. Simply update your data in one place and SyncSpider will sync it with all of your active platforms in seconds.

Key Features:

  • Task runs

  • Bulk operations

  • Minimum interval

  • Unlimited integrations

  • Automated syncing


The pricing for this tool starts from $49 per month.

15. Channelable

Channelable lets you use built-in feed templates for over 2,500 price comparison websites, affiliate programs, and marketplaces all in one application. Consumers locating your items is critical to the success of your online store.

Channable has created an online solution that allows businesses to optimize their eCommerce strategy by controlling product feeds, automating PPC ads, and completely integrating with marketplaces. By integrating your data feed, you may automatically post all of your job openings to job boards and remarketing channels.

Key Features:

  • Free technical support

  • Phone support

  • Help center

  • Advanced notifications

  • Advanced user rights


The pricing for this tool starts from $119 per month.

16. Jet Commerce

Jet Commerce Jet Commerce is a one-stop-shop for all things e-commerce. The ultimate goal of this tool is to empower e-commerce growth by providing brands and sellers with a simple and integrated end-to-end e-commerce solution. Excellent shop operating service to maintain a consistent experience and make use of the chances that every brand or business has in this digital age.

With trained individuals with 12 years of expertise in worldwide digital marketing, this tool can provide your company with unique marketing solutions. Professional graphic designers can help you improve your aesthetics and give your business a distinct identity. Their designs are more than simply eye-catching graphics; they also convey brand tales and messages.

Key Features:

  • Flow builder

  • Parallel processing

  • Modifiers

  • Minimum threshold

  • Number of systems


You can request a quote through their website.

17. Productsup

Productsup is the premier product-to-consumer (P2C) platform that helps manufacturers, brands, service providers, and marketplaces convert chaos into profit. Productsup's P2C platform includes feed management, marketplace experience, social commerce, product content syndication, and seller and vendor onboarding, among other features.

It handles more monthly data requests than Google's consumer search service, processing over two trillion goods every month for over 900 businesses. Export an infinite amount of enhanced and high-quality product data to a variety of global marketplaces. Create computerized product catalogs for B2B and B2C use cases for networks of shops, distributors, and data portals.

Key Features:

  • Feed management

  • Product content syndication

  • Insights

  • Social commerce

  • Marketplace experience


You can request a quote through their website.

18. VL Omni

VL Omni is a prominent integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that allows enterprises and teams to combine cloud and on-premise applications using a single platform. As they develop, extend, and accelerate their business, top worldwide merchants trust us to transmit and synchronize data effortlessly via their systems.

For merchants looking to scale, VL Omni solves the challenge of integration and channel visibility. From initial design and implementation of a solution to maintenance and new partner onboarding. The tool integrates your technology stack via our pre-built connectors as part of the managed service. The company makes sure you and other business users have ongoing access to VL Omni to manage your integration flows and strategy.

Key Features:

  • Scale with ease

  • Improved user experience

  • Point-to-Multipoint and Bidirectional

  • Expert guidance


You can request a quote through their website.

19. Hightouch

Hightouch is used by leading B2B organizations to sync product usage data into Salesforce, and by leading B2C firms to sync data into lifecycle and ad marketing solutions. Customer data from a data warehouse can be easily synced into CRMs, email tools, and ad networks using Hightouch.

Sync data from any source to over 70 tools using SQL and without relying on Engineering favors. Don't rely just on dashboards to save your data. Send your critical data models, such as LTV, ARR, and others, to the tools your teams use daily so that you can all work together to build your business.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited destination fields

  • Other SSO, Roles, Permissions, and Access Control

  • Custom SLA & Professional Services

  • Premium Destinations: Netsuite and SFMC


The pricing for this tool starts from $350 per month,

20. Kosmos eSync

Kosmos eSync integrates your point of sale (POS), ERP, and e-commerce software automatically, allowing you to offer items on additional channels and manage sales, inventory, and customer data all in one location. Avoid stockouts and double-selling. Sync inventory levels throughout your online retailers, physical locations, and warehouses automatically.

Inventory levels in all stores are automatically updated when things are sold and received. In a single spot, manage sales and customer data from your online and physical businesses. Sales and customer data are immediately sent to the point of sale (POS) and ERP systems you already use as orders are placed in your online businesses.

Key Features:

  • Sync inventory

  • Cross-channel listings

  • Centralized product management

  • Centralized order management


You can request a quote through their website.

Things to Consider While Selecting E-Commerce Data Integration Tools

Integration Needs

Make sure you have a strong picture of what a successful end will look like, whatever your data integration needs are. Before you start looking for a solution, you'll need to answer several questions yourself.

Before you even begin the purchasing process, you should be honest about your budget, figure out how many data sources you'll need to deal with, and decide if you want to go with an on-premise or cloud solution. It will be simpler to assess each product against criteria if you have a clear picture of your demands, and it will be easier for suppliers to answer all of your queries if you have one.

Software Performance

There are several degrees of data integration software available, ranging from basic visual tools that can be used by virtually anybody but may not give the amount of flexibility or power you want to highly configurable platforms meant for technical teams.

Making sure your users' abilities are balanced with the goals you need to achieve is a crucial step in ensuring your new solution delivers actual value to your company.

Change Implementation

New corporate solutions are never straightforward to implement, but there are strategies to reduce the chance of serious issues. Data integration software might be difficult to use, so be sure your provider is prepared to assist you.

Make the most of it by asking for their advice. Good merchants generally have useful expertise garnered from experience, so take advantage of it. Another alternative is to engage data consulting services, which may give the expertise to help you get up and running fast or even collaborate with you to develop a wholly custom solution.


Integrating data from many management systems into a single repository is a terrific approach to improving the value, efficiency, and customer happiness of your company.

It can be difficult to navigate the integration process, but with a little assistance, you'll be well on your way to implementing important data integration technologies and increasing your data visibility, access, and analysis. These were the top 20 e-commerce data integration tools you must consider getting.


What are e-commerce data integration tools?

Data integration technologies are intended to reduce time and money for middle-market organizations. Traditional integration techniques need extensive and costly development and testing steps, which are not required with web-based integrations.

You can automate your ordering process in minutes, not weeks, for a small set-up fee. This allows you to concentrate on what matters which is providing exceptional customer service and boosting client satisfaction.

What should you consider while using E-Commerce Data Integration tools?

You should begin by familiarising yourself with your data and understanding how it is organized. This will assist you to figure out how you want to strengthen your data network and how to sync and integrate the data. Take the effort to tidy up the data you already have to ensure that the connection runs successfully.

You may, for example, remove duplicate entries, correct discrepancies between entries, and double-check your systems for any critical modifications. It may appear to be an unnecessary step, but it will make the integration process smoother. Remember to think about the project's scope and budget as well.

What is e-commerce data integration?

Each B2B SaaS software vendor can manage and oversee its business operations more efficiently with eCommerce data integration. They may use it to manage information about their clients' online stores, including product information, shipping, orders, and much more. Quick access to client stores is impossible without eCommerce data integration.

Additionally, eCommerce data integration removes redundant procedures and saves time for B2B SaaS solution providers, allowing them to focus on more important responsibilities. To avoid out-of-stock situations, it also establishes accurate and up-to-date product information across all online services.

What are the benefits of e-commerce data integration tools?

Here are a few benefits of e-commerce data integration tools:

  • Integrating with eCommerce systems gives you access to a large number of online retailers who use these purchasing platforms.

  • You will have access to a range of online merchants who will become your potential clients through eCommerce data integration.

  • Furthermore, as a SaaS solution provider, you may gather and analyze all essential data from online stores based on eCommerce platforms using this interface.

  • Integrating with a variety of shopping sites will also enable you to accept and provide improved functionality to your customers, resulting in more income for your business.

  • You'll make more money because you'll have more consumers, which means more income for your company.

How to Easily Implement eCommerce Data Integration?

Using a third-party solution for all integration concerns is the best technique. It handles all deployments, allowing B2B SaaS solution providers to focus on other aspects of their businesses. Connection to numerous shopping platforms via a single API is provided by B2B SaaS vendors.

These solutions are ideal for software suppliers who sell shipping, order, and inventory management systems, among other things. Above all, it enables SaaS applications to get, update, delete, and synchronize data from online merchants using major purchasing platforms.

Top 20 E-Commerce Data Integration...

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