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Best FastSpring Alternatives That Make Billing Efficient

If you’re the owner of a successful business, congratulations, you cracked the code! In your experience, what was the most challenging aspect of starting and running a business? Was it getting funding, was it red tape, or was it convincing people to buy whatever you had to sell?

In our view, these are some of the many challenges facing an entrepreneur. But this article will not focus on those. There are plenty of TED talks where you can find inspiration. Here, we will talk about something far more mundane- payment and billing solutions.

The market is full of tools for those looking to solve the Herculean challenge of managing payments. To decide which tool best suits your needs, it might be worth considering some pros and cons of the tool you have in mind.

This article will focus on alternatives to FastSpring, one of the many payment solutions available in the market. One of this tool's main pros is that it is reliable and offers many payment options for customers. Another pro is that this tool can be used by customers worldwide, who can pay in any currency.

FastSpring also has some cons, the main one being that they have poor customer service. Some users have mentioned that their customer service is unresponsive, which is discouraging. Other cons include poor user experience and a user interface that is difficult to use.

In case these cons are making you consider other tools, you can go through a list of FastSpring Alternatives put together by Startup Stash.

Chargebee is a subscription management and recurring billing solution that is simple, secure and affordable for all. It's designed for subscription businesses of all sizes across industries. Whether you're a new company getting off the ground or an enterprise with complex needs, Chargebee has your back.

Define recurring billing frequencies and get paid automatically. Combine recurring, one-time and usage-based pricing models with ease. Build tighter integration using their great API.

Chargify allows you to concentrate on building your business and not worry about how to bill your customers. You can easily automate your billing process and emails that are sent to your customers and also support the process of credit cards fail, creating and apply coupons for payment.

For a flat-rate monthly fee, you'll have access to a robust set of reporting and business intelligence tools. Chargify helps thousands of businesses manage millions of recurring customers globally.

2checkout offers multiple payment options, including debit cards or credit cards and, funny enough, PayPal itself. It integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, and Bigcommerce. The best part of this tool is that you don't need to be a programmer to use it.

2checkout can process a huge number of currencies, about 90 and "knows" 15 languages. It also offers recurring billing services and other nice functions for your e-commerce business.

As the leading recurring billing platform, Recurly ensures setup is easy, integrations are quick and their service scales up to meet the needs of your business.

With Recurly you'll be ready to accept payments and focus on growing your sales in no time. This tool handles all the complexities of subscription billing and recurring payments.

Shopify is a commerce platform that allows anyone to easily sell online, in-store, and everywhere in between. Shopify offers a professional online storefront, a payment solution to accept credit cards, and the Shopify POS application to power retail sales.

Shopify Experts is the best resource for finding ecommerce developers, designers, marketers and photographers to help launch or grow your online store.

With BigCommerce, you can get your products online in minutes. So, if you're looking for an e-commerce platform to build your first online shop, this tool might be one of the best choices in the market.

BigCommerce comes with fully customizable themes, mobile optimization, multiple tools to help you increase your conversions, and even WordPress integration!

Zuora has been enabling the Subscription Economy by building the next generation commerce platform. By attracting hundreds of customers, Zuoras subscription management software has enabled 21st-century businesses around the world from startups to enterprises in any industry to launch and monetize any subscription products and services.

Zuora allows you to manage quotes, orders, billing and revenue recognition for the entire customer lifecycle on a single platform.

Salesforce is a CRM platform that allows businesses to use cloud technology to connect with existing or potential customers and partners. Of course, this tool needs no introduction as it is a market leader. They have really carved a niche for themselves as a cloud based marketing solution!

Currently the number one platform for customer success, Salesforce is an all-in-one solution for businesses to manage, maintain, communicate with their customers, and grow revenue.

When it comes to eCommerce websites, Magento is one of the most popular website builders. However, to use it at its full potential, you'll need some coding knowledge. This eCommerce solution comes with different tiers, based on your business size.

So, whether you're looking to create a small online shop or sell thousands of products, Magento has your back.

Although it is run by PayPal, Braintree provides its own share of advanced payment features and seemingly better customer support. Braintree is the "young kid on the block" teaching its grandpa PayPal some tech-focused payment solutions and tools.

Things like recurring billing, customizable sales reporting, and seamless integration with other third-party apps and services like BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento etc are part of Braintree. It also offers Python, PHP, Java, iOS, and Android libraries.

Stripe powers payments for thousands of businesses of every size, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. It is easy to use and create a payment experience with it. In addition, it handles security and daily transfers to your bank account like a dream.

Although it has been around for 10 years now, it was only a couple of years ago that it became a good contender for PayPal itself. Stripe is definitely worth a shot, the creators seem to know what they're doing.

PayPal's top features include PayPal Express checkout for companies that accept credit cards; PayPal Payments Standard for basic payment plans. Moreover, with the PayPal Payments Pro, you can host a checkout on your website, while it also boasts a feature that allows you to set up recurring payments.

Freelancers and contractors can use online invoicing that is quick and easy to use for the services they perform. PayPal has also developed a mobile app for collecting payments on the go.

StartupStash Team

The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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