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Best HTTrack Alternatives From Around The Web

Using HTTrack, a free and open-source web crawler, users can save copies of websites they visit online on their own computers. 

HTTrack also includes Proxy support, which can be used to increase speed. HTTrack can be used for either personal (capture) or commercial (online web mirror) purposes as a command-line software or through a shell. In light of this, those with greater experience in the programming field should give HTTrack a try.

There are a bunch of decent tools out there that offer the same array of services as HTTrack. And it can sure get confusing to choose the best from the lot. Luckily, we've got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools to suit your unique work needs, complete with features and pricing.

Semrush is a comprehensive tool for improving web presence and learning about marketing trends. Its tools and reports can help people that work in the field of digital marketing to optimize their websites.

With this sophisticated SEO tool, you can easily identify patterns and trends in your particular market. This allows you to evaluate your on-page SEO and pinpoint the areas that require optimization for more effective lead generation through keyword research.

Its machine learning engine is able to read web documents, do an analysis on them, and then translate the results into meaningful data. The ParseHub desktop programme is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. You can even make use of the web app that is incorporated right inside the browser itself. In the free version of ParseHub, you are only allowed to create a maximum of five public projects.

The software was designed with the average user in mind, complete with a straightforward point-and-click interface. Scheduled cloud extraction allows for the instantaneous extraction of live, changing data. Regex and XPath configurations are pre-set within the tool for automatic data cleaning. To get through filters like ReCaptcha, it makes use of the cloud and IP Proxy Servers. It has built-in scrapers for gathering information from numerous well-known websites.

Helium Scraper is a powerful and user-friendly web scraper that can be configured to extract almost anything you can direct your mouse to from the internet. With just a few clicks, you can retrieve basic data, and also extract and edit more complex data using JavaScript and SQL with its user-friendly interface.

This online data extraction system provides disparate data collection, phone number extraction, pricing extraction, image extraction, and web data extraction all in one location.

With Lumar, you can see the technical SEO metrics and insights you need to optimise your site and move up the ranks. Lumar's website crawling tools allow you to monitor changes over time and receive real-time alerts, whether you're working on a single domain, numerous domains, or a specific section of your site. Make sure the proper person is alerted to website problems and ready to respond quickly by customising your dashboard to display the metrics that matter most to your team.

Their flagship product, OutWit Hub, is a flexible harvester with as many features as possible to suit a wide variety of needs. The Hub has been around for quite some time, and in that time it has matured into a platform that is both useful and flexible enough to meet the needs of both non-technical users and IT professionals who know how to code but recognise that PHP isn't always the most effective strategy to extract data.

WebHarvy can automatically save text, images, URLs, and emails from webpages in a number of different formats. Use a virtual private network (VPN) or proxy server to visit blocked sites. You can scrape HTML, photos, text, and URLs from a website with WebHarvy. Finding data patterns on a website is done mechanically. There is no need to create custom code or software in order to scrape information. Websites are loaded in WebHarvy's built-in browser, and the scraped data is selected interactively.

It provides a straightforward API for document manipulation and querying. To be fast and standards-compliant, it uses native parsers like libxml2 (C) and xerces (Java). Through Nokogiri, Ruby developers can effortlessly read and write XML and HTML. It provides a practical, straightforward API for document reading, writing, editing, and querying. It uses native parsers like libxml2, libgumbo, and xerces, making it quick and consistent with standards.

The bot's settings can be adjusted to reflect your preferred method of crawling. Domain aliases, user agent strings, default documents, and more can all be set up separately. If you select a website, WebCopy will crawl it and save all of the material to your computer. Website assets like stylesheets, images, and pages will have their corresponding links adjusted to reflect the localised path.

This web crawler optimises RAM usage while conducting in-depth analyses of massive websites (millions of pages). CSV files are widely supported for importing and exporting web crawling data. Using one of four search options ('Contains,' 'RegExp,' 'CSS Selector,' or 'XPath,') Netpeak Spider enables you to scrape uniquely tailored source code/text searches. You can use software to conduct things like "scrape" for emails, names, and other data.

Find SEO problems faster with its support. Your SEO progress may be monitored with the help of over 500 charts and 1,200 data points that are crawled and delivered with every crawl. Add more depth to your reporting by combining your crawl data with information from external sources like web analytics service traffic and Majestic backlink profiles. Get the most out of your analytics software by connecting your crawl data with platforms like Google Analytics, Search Console, Majestic, AT Internet.

When it comes to the best open-source web crawlers, Apache Nutch is without a doubt at the pinnacle of the web crawler tool heap. Nutch can operate on a single computer, but its potential is maximised when it is used in conjunction with a Hadoop cluster. Many data analysts and scientists, application developers, and web text mining experts throughout the world use Apache Nutch. Other users include web crawlers. Apache Nutch is a Java-based solution that may be used across multiple platforms.

A single agent may scan thousands of pages per second while adhering to stringent politeness standards, both host- and IP-based. BUbiNG is an open-source Java crawler that is totally distributed (there is no central coordination). Unlike prior open-source distributed crawlers, BUbiNG job distribution is based on modern high-speed protocols, which enables it to give a very high throughput. Earlier distributed crawlers relied on batch-based methods (like MapReduce).

The RPA software is compatible with Windows computers. UiPath can collect information in tabular and pattern-based formats from a wide variety of websites. UiPath has in-built features that allow you to perform more crawls. This method shines when faced with intricate user interfaces. The screen scraping programme may collect information from individual words, sentences, paragraphs, and even entire sections of text, as well as from tables.

Spinn3r's rapid application programming interface (API) automates nearly all of the indexing work. This web crawler has sophisticated spam prevention, which filters out unwanted content and fixes grammatical errors, making the system more trustworthy and reducing the risk of data loss. Similar to how Google indexes web pages, Spinn3r stores its indexed data in JSON files. In order to offer you up-to-the-minute content, a web scraper is constantly searching the web for new information.

Thanks to the availability of public APIs, can be managed in code and data may be retrieved in an automated fashion. Thanks to, you can easily incorporate online data into your own app or website with only a few clicks, making crawling a breeze. You may now easily gather information from many pages with only a click of a button. We are smart enough to know whether a list is paginated, but you can also teach us by manually navigating to the next page.

The Extractor, the Crawler, and the Pipes are the three distinct types of robots that might be utilised when developing a scraping activity. It offers anonymous web proxy servers, and the data you collect can be retained on the servers provided by for two weeks before being archived there. Alternatively, you can immediately export the extracted data to files in JSON or CSV format. It delivers paid services to meet your real-time data requirements.

Using this web crawler, you are able to crawl data and further extract keywords in a wide variety of languages by applying several filters to a wide variety of sources. In addition, the data that has been scraped can be saved in XML, JSON, or RSS format. Users are permitted to access the data from its archive pertaining to its past. In addition, the crawling data results provided by support up to 80 different languages.

Users are able to scrape websites using this open-source visual scraping application without needing to have any prior knowledge of code. Crawlera is a powerful proxy rotator that is utilised by Zyte. It enables users to easily explore huge or bot-protected websites while evading bot countermeasures. Users are able to crawl from numerous IPs and locations without the trouble of proxy maintenance when they make use of a straightforward HTTP API.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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