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Best Linkly Alternatives From Around The Web

Using Linkly, marketers can easily establish unique tracking URLs with their own domains, reducing the number of characters in the URL. 

With Linkly's API, organizations can connect the platform with tools like Zapier and Google Sheets. Using the Linkly URL shortener, you can easily generate branded tracking links that are simplistic in design and have clever redirections. The tool has integrations with others such as Chrome, Firefox, Google Sheets, and Zapier.

There are a bunch of decent tools out there that offer the same array of services as Linkly. And it can sure get confusing to choose the best from the lot. Luckily, we've got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools to suit your unique work needs, complete with features and pricing.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) URL encryption and protection from unauthorized access are supported on this platform. On one screen, admins may view comprehensive information about their links, including click-through rates, top referral channels, and regional data. Teams may easily create branded shortened links with the help of Bitly's auto-branding tool. Managers also have the option to adjust the destination of links and redirect obsolete URLs.

This tool greatly benefits local businesses. As a basic link builder, the tool allows you to make links using your own domain or a subdomain. With Rebrandly, you can monitor and assess the success of your campaigns in real-time with the help of in-depth data. You can use Rebrandly to direct visitors to the most effective pages in your network, depending on your analysis of visitor behavior. If you want to brand, track, and share short URLs with your own domain name.

Users are given the option of creating permanent, branded shortened links. TinyURL helps businesses enhance their digital marketing initiatives by creating and using short, memorable links that clients can trust. With the use of link-tracking technology, the application offers access to an infinite amount of click data for shortened URLs. TinyURL's analytics dashboard gives users access to comprehensive information on how many times their shortened URLs were clicked.

Campaigns and team member notes can be created by professionals according to specific needs. Features such as 301 redirects, bulk import, email notifications, and audit logs are integral to BL.INK's functionality. The platform provides a system of searchable tags that can be used by businesses to centralize campaign metrics and set up user access controls. Clicks on a company's URL can be monitored in terms of location and time by this tool.

By connecting its own operations to other integrations, may streamline previously manual procedures. Real-time click monitoring, various custom domains, teams with roles, campaign tracking, an API for developers, in-depth statistics, link retargeting, and deep links are just a few of the useful features. The following services and applications are compatible with Zapier; Google Analytics; Google Tag Manager; Facebook Pixel; Segment; and AdRoll.

Each shortened link you publish can have a custom CTA appended to it. Incorporating a call-to-action that directs users back to your site is a great way to increase conversions and keep visitors engaged. Sniply is an effective URL shortener that gives businesses more control over their URLs and increases the likelihood that their links will be clicked. By using a custom URL shortener, you can easily add a call to action to any shared website and monitor the efficacy of your marketing initiatives

The link tracking statistics (which include data like return clicks, location or origin, browsers used, unique visitors, and much more) are available to everyone, without the requirement for an account. Manage, filter, tag, and search features let you quickly locate the URL you need, and you can effortlessly make changes to or remove any link you choose. Generate shareable URLs for use in your website's blog, community forum, social media, IM, online magazine, or advertising campaign.

Managers get access to detailed click data, including geographic location, time zone, IP address, and more, all in one centralized interface. Bit.Do enables managers to manage URL redirection, shorten links for email and text, and share abbreviated links with employees. The process of creating, migrating, integrating, and automating links can also be managed by teams. With Bit.Do, businesses can organize their clients' and projects' URLs into folders, change the URLs of existing links.

The site's underlying premise is that users can utilize the available tools to shorten the URL of the content they wish to share. Shorte is a URL shortener, so its users can shorten the URLs of any site they're working on. Quick links and numerous links are just two of the URL-shortening tools that may be found on this site. The next step is for the user to publish the shortened URL on their website or one of their social media accounts.

Using this tool, you can manage all of your links in an easy and transparent manner. The technology also offers a sophisticated Link Analytics system for monitoring the efficacy of short links and recording user clicks. You can gain comprehensive data on the use of short URLs. Cut.Ly is a useful platform for making custom link-in-bio microsites that can be shared with followers, tracked for click-through rates, and promoted further with QR codes.

Additionally, T2M is able to monitor each action taken on the controllable links. It helps you better understand your advertising and do audience behavior analysis. T2M is the most feature-rich and reasonably priced unified solution for managing short URLs and brand-named links. Click tracking is a fantastic and useful addition to T2M. By doing so, you can learn additional specifics about them as a target market.

To make a long URL small, just copy and paste it into the box and hit the button. Every major platform, including mobile devices and desktop PCs, is supported by this software. This URL-shortening service is encrypted and uses the secure HTTPS protocol. In print, online, in ads, on message boards, in emails, and in other forms of communication, your abbreviated URLs will work seamlessly. You may measure the success of your business and your initiatives by tracking the number of clicks.

Affiliate tracking, IP geo-targeting, a URL shortener, managed branded links, a tracking pixel, and affiliate networks are just a few of the prominent features. ClickMeter enables teams to disguise destination URLs, create short vanity links with custom domain names, add additional parameters to tracking links, and redirect visitors to various landing pages. Tracking clicks, views, and conversions is possible, as is the detection of click fraud, blacklists, and broken links.

It offers bookmarklets that are convenient for shortening links and sharing them. This free tool that shortens links also includes features such as historical click data, referrers tracking, visitor geo-location, and other similar capabilities. It has an outstanding framework for services, with a large number of available plugins to enable the rapid addition of new features.

You may easily customize your links, making them difficult for third parties to manipulate, tracking the traffic that they receive, and compressing them so that they can be readily shared over SMS. Each and every Hootsuite plan comes standard with this feature, as it is embedded directly within the platform itself. This offers the free version as well, so if you're searching for a free URL shortener, you've come to the right place!

If someone clicks on one of your shortened URLs, you will receive payment. Furthermore, it gives you the ability to post connections to your websites on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition to that, the website offers precise data that are presented for each connection. It is possible for you to email the link to members of your family, friends, and even people in other countries because everyone is linked to the internet.

It functions as a URL shortening and link management tool. The software gives marketing professionals the ability to track and communicate branded short URLs with a variety of stakeholders, whether those stakeholders are located internally or externally. Users are provided with the ability to build links with a custom domain, manage content, and control audience retargeting processes through the utilization of a unified platform.

StumbleUpon is a recommendation engine for the web that provides its customers with a URL shortener. If you need quick links for Twitter or Facebook, this service is ideal for you. It creates short link tools that can be shared across many platforms. Such a tool is worth considering if you frequently use multiple platforms to direct traffic to different websites. When you utilize to shorten a link, your audience can interact with it by liking or commenting on the post.

It is launched with the intention of facilitating the integration of retargeting pixels and custom scripts into URL links. The program provides a centralized system for creating CTAs, unique domain names, and individualized preview images for hyperlinks. As a result of using RocketLink, administrators can examine critical performance data for a certain platform and obtain valuable insights into the health of their website.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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