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Best Microsoft Azure Application Insights Alternatives From Around The Web

Microsoft Azure Application Insights allows you to track, troubleshoot, and improve the performance of cloud-based applications down to the individual line of code or individual customer queries. The platform displays data in built-in displays that are captivating to the application's plethora of features.

It has a lot of potentials and if you're an advanced user, you can go much deeper and construct a logging system that covers all aspects of its development.

But did you know that there are some great alternatives to Microsoft Azure Application Insights that you can consider? So, let’s take a look at some of the best Microsoft Azure Application Insights alternatives. By the end of this article, we’re sure that you’ll have in-depth information about the various options, their features, and the pricing structure.


Datadog is an analytics and tracking solution geared toward cloud-scale applications. From a single SaaS-based interface, Datadog helps users to keep track of all servers, apps, networks, and services. Datadog has around 250 built-in tools that can be used. Its agent-based integrations make tracking of widely used application frameworks easier. The bots in the supported settings can collect and send metrics to the centralized platform, which can then generate bespoke visualizations and reports.

SigNoz is an open-source application tracking and observability software. You won't have to submit your data to a third-party provider because it can be hosted on your own infrastructure. It employs distributed monitoring to assist developers in assessing their application's results in the field. With log management in the project plan, it collects both metrics and traces. SigNoz generates telemetry data using OpenTelemetry, a supplier-agnostic instrumentation framework.

PRTG Network Monitor appeals to users because it includes everything; no additional plugins or downloads are necessary. It allows you to monitor and handle all of the cloud computing services and an organization's complete company infrastructure from a single place. It provides the insights and actionable data that agile IT Ops teams need to assure the availability of apps and services operating on complex and dispersed infrastructure.

If you choose the complete user plan, you'll have access to all of New Relic's observability stack features. New Relic's ambition has prompted the business to monitor more of the virtual environment than anyone else since its inception. It helps the world's finest technology and DevOps teams move quicker, make smarter choices, and create world-class digital experiences. New Relic One is an open, linked, and programmable observability tool, helps teams to produce more flawless software.

Solarwinds Server & Application Monitor’s purpose is to execute, validate, and make real-time corrections in digital infrastructure hardware and software end locations, as well as actual network traffic on a constant, inter-node, or mesh basis. It uses a combination of wired and wireless connections to respond much faster, replicating application traffic on the control station. and save time for the IT department.

Dynatrace is simple to set up and gives all of the information that an IT team or a developer requires in one favorable location. It allows users to export/share dashboards with other people, and that saves a lot of time when working with other people. It includes a comprehensive range of features such as monitoring server-side services, monitoring of the network, monitoring of cloud and virtual computers, tracking containerized environments like Docker, and root-cause analysis.

The ManageEngine suite can be used in a number of ways and not only for application monitoring and troubleshooting. It can be used to provide services, handle services in general and offer them using the ManageEngine package. Depending on the requirement of the end-user, you can place various modules and applications. It is a platform for monitoring infrastructure, microservices, and programs in real-time.

Prometheus is a decent solution if you wish to use an open-source application for metrics monitoring. It allows you to use time-series data to create measurements. The Prometheus server gathers measurements from exporters called Prometheus targets in a pull-based tracking system. Prometheus accepts all quantitative measurements metrics, tracks every request, profiles every workflow, and updates app dependency layouts in real-time to improve application performance.

LogicMonitor is a performance management solution that provides full-stack visibility for your applications. You can get a good overview of your network endpoints and their interdependencies using dynamic topology mapping. It allows you to collect thousands of performance datasets across applications, allowing you to quickly fix problems and enhance digital customer experiences. Also, with cloud or on-premise installation flexibility, all the activities happen in real-time.

The Amazon Cloudwatch platform determines the user's whole stack, from the web to the application, microservices, infrastructure, and cloud, using Artificial Intelligence. It allows you to optimize end-user performance by addressing the complicated frontend performance issues caused by slow page loading, deferred static assets, and ajax queries using Real User Monitoring.

You can also keep track of JavaScript issues that have an impact on your customers' experience.

With the product offering, Instana collects and integrates data from various IT ecosystems and contextualizes it for actionable insights. The dashboards of this application are pre-configured and do not require any additional settings. The Monitors icon at the top of the page can be used to manually configure alerts. It allows you to see real-time business and app performance to get a complete picture of the end-user experience.

DX Application Performance Management's UX/UI is welcoming and simple to use for all developers on the team. While debugging Kubernetes systems and exchanging data across teams, bright colors and uncluttered dashboards are beneficial. It detects faults and activities for both frontend systems and backend infrastructure and may be implemented on-premises in a traditional data center.

Splunk is a powerful log management solution for monitoring, searching, analyzing, and visualizing data created by machines. It gathers, analyzes, and correlates unorganized data created by devices in real-time so that it may be converted into more edible representations like dashboards, graphs, and visualizations. Splunk is designed to analyze data provided by machines and devices, and it supports a variety of data types such as CSV, XML, and JSON files.

Elastic Observability gives you complete access into your infrastructure for debugging servers, networks, and databases, as well as managing complicated distributed applications. A real-time topological map of your system, cloud-based services, analytics, logs, and other data are all useful features. The causal links can be mapped by developers, allowing you to see how one element of your network affects another.

Micro Focus Operations Bridge keeps track of your servers, databases, apps, and services using a web-based interface. It monitors the most widely used application frameworks by integrating with numerous tools and services via agent-based interfaces. You can also produce aggregated reports and dashboards once you've collected all of the data from your monitoring procedures. Micro Focus can track and debug application performance by integrating metrics and events across the entire stack.

eG Enterprise is generally used to track the health, patterns, and overall behavior of applications. It also comes with pre-built dashboards that have to monitor KPIs and metrics all set up, making it simple to get started. You can mix different data kinds or methods to identify issues by viewing data over time by employing different chart styles. This allows you to examine an issue from many different angles and integrate different data types to pinpoint difficulties.

Truesight Operations Management provides a multi-tenant platform that assists in quick and easy setup. You don't have to put up a lot of programs or set up servers to get started.

It provides in-depth transaction data, including line numbers, to reveal information on specific method calls. It also shows the dependencies your apps have, regardless of how complicated it is. You may integrate data from your apps with other data to get a complete picture of your IT infrastructure.

Auvik is used to evaluate performance indicators, execute infrastructure event monitoring, and deploy cloud-based services. It has the ability to monitor systems, tools, and databases effectively. It allows users to look into any stack, at any size, in any application, and from any location.

Auvik was one of the first tools to concentrate on infrastructure monitoring. What makes it unique is the seamless integration of tracking app performance, architecture, logs, and user experience.

SumoLogic’s Continuous Intelligence Platform fully automates the gathering, integration, and analysis of application, architecture, security, and IoT data to give meaningful insights.

Sumo Logic is cloud-native, which means users can access full capabilities quickly and easily. The goal is to provide log management statistics and functionality that will allow users to create and run hybrid applications.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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