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Top 10 NFT Horse Racing Projects: Best Of 2023

One of the cryptocurrencies' quickest trends is digital horse racing. The goal of digital horse racing is to give consumers the exhilaration of being a jockey by fusing the popularity of online games with the uniqueness of a non-fungible token (NFT).

In NFT horse racing, you can purchase virtual race horses as NFTs on the blockchain and compete with them for actual money. You can breed various thoroughbreds in addition to buying different breeds of racehorses. You can also make money by offering your racehorses for sale to other owners and enthusiasts.

1. OmniHorse

OmniHorse, the very first marketplace for thoroughbred horse non-fungible tokens (NFTs), is going to be launched by AMO Racing Club, the trendiest up-and-coming multidimensional firm in the business. The OmniHorse platform intends to provide widespread access to racehorse ownership in a novel and unprecedented manner by leveraging cutting-edge Web3 technology and cutting-edge multi-media.

Key Features:

  • Possession of an NFT grants access to being in a group of people who have access to information, artifacts, and experiences that allow followers to track their horse throughout its lifespan.

  • The platform token's experience component will give the user access to special horse racing activities such as workouts, visits, and many other benefits. Owners will have direct revenue potential as a result.

2. Oly Sport

Oly Sport is creating a virtual world that fundamentally changes gaming, harmonizes the financial system, and alters the concept of land ownership. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are used as in-game assets and blockchain technology tokens are used as money in the online horse racing game.

Key Features:

  • The game includes a racetrack and a digital horse farm where players may raise horses. Actual estate in the real world will be given to you as compensation for owning a digital horse farm or racetrack. This establishes the special benchmark for Oly Sport.

  • The horses have their own lives and lineage. They can breed as they have genes to transmit. Since these horses function according to an algorithm, no two are exactly alike. From female and male horses, the player can produce more horses.

  • 12-horse races are open to the player. The prize money will go to the top three winners. The player can construct their racetrack to organize competitions that their friends can attend.

3. Lazy Horse Race Club

Lazy Horse Race Club advertises it as a horse racing universe that, through club membership on the Cronos chain, connects to a real-world racing team. Many components work together to achieve the overall objectives and ambitions of the Lazy Horse Ecosystem.

Key Features:

  • The Lazy Horse Race Club's link to the real world is what sets it apart. By being a member of a racing team run by a horseman's club, every Lazy Horse NFT bearer is also associated with a squad of thoroughbred race horses.

  • These resources are linked together in the Lazy Horse Race Club, a play-to-win gaming platform available to Lazy Horse NFT owners. The LHRC tokens can be used in the game to participate in stake races, quicken breeding and recovery rates, etc.

4. Win NFT Horse

Win NFT Horse is a remarkable find because of its distinctive economic structure. The dynamic platform Win NFT Horse allows NFT holders to care for their horses and receive game awards to improve their stamina, stability, burst, and pace.

Key Features:

  • Although NFT owners can increase their horse's skills by participating in tasks, breeding grants NFT holders a unique attribute that increases the Win NFT Horse frequency.

  • A horse may breed seven times according to the game. The foal will take on characteristics from the parental horses during the breeding process.

  • The creators have included 12 distinct classes with various skill kinds and levels to sustain Win NFT Horse rarity. Aside from that, an NFT holder can maximize their speed, endurance, burst, and equilibrium abilities as they raise the Rarity level through challenges. Other rare qualities accessible for the NFT collection include gender and color distinction.

5. DeFiHorse

DeFiHorse is a virtual horse-racing game that is based on blockchain technology where the users of the game can collect NFT tokens by making their horses battle against each other and also help their horses to grow and breed. The utility token of this game is DFH.

Key Features:

  • At the beginning of the game, all the horses that have not been a part of any races will be classified under the term ‘Faunus Class’, where they will only participate in races meant for the Faunus Class.

  • After the horses compete in the Faunus Class races, they will reach levels ahead that are referred to as different classes such as Class 2, 3, 4, etc.

  • Basic grading will be provided to all horses where they are going to participate in the races for the first time or have participated earlier.

  • In later stages, users can also invite their friends to participate and join the game.

6. DeRace

DeRace is another game in the horse-racing metaverse where the players can collect ‘Hippodrome’ NFT points. The horses represent NFTs and are available with various characteristics and special abilities. The graphics of the game are well developed and thus, the horses look very similar to real-life horses.

Key Features:

  • All the horses can be differentiated based on their sex, the races they participate in, and the way they are bred. These horses can be created either by the process of breeding or can be directly bought from the marketplace.

  • The process of breeding is done by merging two tokens to create a third one. The two tokens must represent a male and a female horse respectively to create the offspring.

  • The breeding takes place in the center of a special ‘Genetics Algorithm’ created in the game. Once the third horse has been created, it will be transferred back to the wallet of the player.

  • A particular number of horses can only participate in races, a decision made by the owner. The player that wins the game will be rewarded with the fees and a part of all the money collected from the bets.

    7. Pegaxy

Pegaxy is a game that is often referred to as a game that is the future of betting in the sports arena. In this game, the concept of horse racing and betting has been connected thoroughly. Pegaxy can be played on PCs and Mac and the game has been made available as an app as well.

Key Features:

  • The horses in the game are called ‘Pega’ as the game is based on the Pega NFT. The basic concept involved is to put in your money, make your horses participate in races, and end up being in the top three places if you want to win rewards.

  • The performance of a Pega will be influenced by various factors such as elements such as fire, water, and wind and attributes like speed and strength. There is no limit on the number of races in which a horse can participate but the recommended number is to make it participate in a maximum of 25 races.

  • To show your intent of participating in a race, you have to pay a certain amount of fees. You will then compete with other horses to reach the finish line and win.

  • The game also gives you an option to view the statistics of other player horses who are a part of the game and will be participating with you in the races. You can also check out information on the races that would be the distance that you will have to cover and so on.

8. Silks

Silks is a unique game that gives you an exquisite experience as it links real-time horse racing with the world of virtual games. The NFTs that are collected during this game, help you to keep a track of your thoroughbred. This game provides you with around 10,000 different avatars for the race owners.

Key Features:

  • All its creative features such as the interesting avatars, the horses, and the stables where they are kept and bred act as NFTs. The horses participate in online races and win rewards for their users in the form of tokens. The avatars that take over your horses are what will provide you access to the metaverse.

  • One of the things that attract users to play this game is the lower margins for entry to the game. After winning the races, the user is rewarded with various benefits along with tokens. The benefits will help you to manage your horses efficiently.

  • The experience of this game is what gives you the chance to think like a real horse jockey as the skills required to play this well-made graphic game are next level.

9. Zed Run

Zed Run is a platform that is based on the sport of horse racing where fees are paid to enter the races and pit their horses against each other. The algorithm used to create the horses are unique so that the characteristics of not any horse match with the other.

Key Features:

  • Each horse is known as ‘breathing NFT’ which is created with a DNA that will only be his. The horses can breed, create their bloodline, and can pass on their genes by creating other horses through breeding.

  • Different types of a bloodline exist in the game which exhibits their unique characteristics. The rarest bloodline is referred to as Nakamato, then comes Szabo, Finney, and Buterin.

  • The horses are also differentiated based on the different breed types to which they belong. There are a total of six types of breeds that exist. Some of them are the exclusives, Genesis, Legendary, Elite, etc.

10. DarleyGo

DarelyGo is the first horse racing game on the cutting-edge Solana blockchain that combines the famous event with engaging gameplay and allows players to own, breed, and racehorse NFTs.DarleyGo will profit from the low transaction cost, fast speed, and competitive atmosphere of the blockchain, providing players with seamless and competitive opportunities

Key Features:

  • Three game modes—racing, training, and breeding—are at the heart of the entire gameplay. Players compete against 12 players in unique or standard horse racing events in the Racing Mode's competitive arena.

  • In DarleyGo, ‘Breeding Mode’ calls for players to possess a thorough understanding of these horses, just like in the real world. The "mutation probability" element that DarleyGo adds makes it more likely for players to breed champion racers.

  • A system of ability badges has also been added to give gamers an improved understanding of these horses. The badges are separated into two categories: Ability badges and Character badges. The former pertains to the horse's ability, while the second concentrates on the horse's character; mental state, physical health, adoption for racing, etc.


Nevertheless, horse racing is a very well-liked activity, so more NFT horse racing initiatives could be expected shortly. Horse racing on NFT is comparable to horse racing in the real world but simpler. You merely buy, breed, and submit your horse in competitions to win real money. The major distinction is that everything is digitized as an NFT. ZED Run and Silks are the most well-liked NFT horse races.


What is NFT horse racing?

You need to comprehend NFTs to understand what digital horse racing is. A digital token that symbolizes something of aesthetic worth is referred to as an NFT (non-fungible token). While tangible works of art are purchased by art lovers, NFT collectors acquire digitized files and licensing rights.

How can you make money in the Zed Run game?

Zed Run uses Polygon ETH as its game currency and runs on the Polygon blockchain. In the game, horses may be purchased and sold and are NFTs. To gain even more NFTs, players can breed horses. Players can either buy or breed stronger horses to increase their chances of winning, or they can enter races in lower classes where their horses have a greater chance of winning.

How can you buy an NFT racehorse?

This is dependent on the blockchain that the NFT horse was created on; for instance, if the NFT was created on Ethereum, most systems allow private market trading via OpenSea. Furthermore, the official website of the platform is typically where the first minting of NFT racehorses happens.

What is NFT breeding?

It is possible to create new NFT children by breeding two breedable NFTs. To comprehend how the system functions, consider two creatures reproducing to produce offspring. Startups and NFT project developers use NFT breeding to produce long-term value for their NFT collectors.

How can I bet on these race horsing games?

Before you start the betting action, it's crucial to have a wagering buffer in mind. The next step is to evaluate the odds for all eight horses to identify the favorites and determine how much you can win from your original wager.

After that, the action is nonstop intrigue and excitement for the next few minutes. You'll soon learn whether your prediction has come true or if you skipped out on a betting victory.

Top 10 NFT Horse Racing...

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