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Asaf Fybish

Asaf Fybish is a Tel Aviv-based growth marketing professional. He likes all things organic, especially when it comes to growth. He's our Chief of Stash at StartupStash

30 Best Slack Alternatives & Team Collaboration Tools

Slack is one of the most popular team chat apps in the world, and most likely, you have tried or heard about it before. It was designed in 2013 by creators of Flickr, and it quickly became a convenient way to collaborate for teams.

Emails require a letter-length reply, while with chat apps like Slack and Whatsapp allows sending a quick message. Chats make it easier to get a fast response and keep doing your job.

However, Slack is not always the best choice for work communication. Many of you noticed a lot of Slack disadvantages, such as:

  • Slack is very team-centered;
  • the lack of indicators that show who read your message;
  • it has destructive real-time messaging;
  • ‘out of storage’ issue.

In fact, there are numerous Slack alternatives on the market. Some of them have similar features; others are different and may suit your business goals even more. Scroll downs to see the full list.

1. Basecamp


A lot of messages, files, appointments can be confusing so that Basecamp is here to help. Have all your business files and notes at one place with Basecamp. Break your project into smaller tasks and assign to certain users.

Pricing: Free account for teachers and students. $99 per month for businesses with unlimited features

2. Workzone


Workzone is a more robust tool than Basecamp, but it’s smart and powerful software. It offers templates for tasks, list of projects, Gantt charts, and design markup.

Pricing: Request demo and pricing

3. Asana


Asana is a popular collaboration platform that allows you to assign tasks to members and monitor deadlines. It can be used as a calendar and to-do list.

Pricing: Basic plan is free; Premium plan for teams that need to create project plans with confidence $9.99

4. Flowdock


Combine team emails inbox and messages into one group chat. It promises to replace all other apps from your computer because Flowdock integrates with many other tools.

Pricing: $3/user/mo; 30-day free trial

5. Mattermost


Mattermost is an open-source, self-hosted alternative to Slack which means all the files are going to be stored on your drive. It allows you to customize the chats, threaded discussions, messages with search, and custom emoji.

Pricing: Free for small teams; Enterprise plans from $39 / user / year

6. Flock


Collaborate with your team at one place using Flock. It offers group and private chats, file sharing, and the ability to add guest accounts.

Pricing: Limited use for free; $3 per user /mo with unlimited functionality

7. Chanty


Here is Chanty, an AI-powered team chat that is a perfect Slack alternative. It offers communication for free forever. Besides, you can share files and search across the workplace (I miss this feature in free Slack account).

Pricing: Free. Forever.

8. Fleep


Fleep is a decent Slack alternative that has everything you might need for collaboration with your team. It offers team chats, voice and video calls (so it works as a Skype alternative too), integrations, and task management.

Pricing: Basic plan is free, Business subscription from 5EUR per user /mo

9. Ryver


Get a powerful workflow tool with Ryver that claims to be affordable for teams of any size. Here you’ll find group chats, voice and video calls, and threaded topics.

Pricing: $49/mo for 1-12 users, $99/mo for 13+ users, and Enterprise plans starting at $399/mo

10. Zoho Cliq


Communicate and collaborate with your team for free using Zoho Cliq. It allows you to view multiple conversations at once in column-style layout and send video and audio messages. Besides, it features bots for automation.

Pricing: Free; $3/mo/user for full features.

11. Rocket Chat


Rocket Chat is an open-source team collaboration platform created for anyone who needs group chats. It offers audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, and real-time automatic translation in more than 35 languages.

Pricing: Free

12. Freedcamp


Freedcamp is a work management tool that will help you to organize any project, from a wedding to website development. Airbnb, Google, and Apple trust it. It is available on MacOS, iPhone, and Windows.

Pricing: MINIMALIST $ 1.49/user; FREELANCER $ 3.49/user; BUSINESS $ 7.49/user

13. Twist


Twist is a communication lace for teams created by Doist. All conversations are organized in threads. You can snooze or schedule notification-free time.

Pricing: Free with limited message history; $5/user/mo for full features

14. Microsoft Teams


This tool is designed by Microsoft Office 365 and is an excellent alternative to Slack. It has lots of features similar to Slack, but the main difference is that Microsoft Teams is a feature, but not a separated tool.

Pricing: Free with up to 300 users with basic features; $6/month for the bigger set of features

15. Trello


Trello has a creative interactive interface. You create cards in columns for different projects, and you can move and remove cards across columns. It works perfectly for assigning tasks and project managing.

Pricing: Free; Business Class $12.50/user/mo

16. Google Hangouts for Teams


Have you ever known that Google offers Google Hangouts for teams? This tool was released in 2018, and it has a deep integration with G Suite services. You can view and share files from Dropbox and Google Drive with ease. Their interface supports 28 languages.

Pricing: Professional office suite with 30GB storage $6 / user / month

17. Discord


The team chats in Discord is similar to Slack. You can create channels for every topic you want and pin messages, so you don’t lose important ideas.

Pricing: Free; $4.99/month Nitro plan for custom emoji, larger file uploads, and GIF avatars

18. Skype for Business


Unlike Slack, Skype for Business keep their focus on audio and video conferencing. It will be an excellent choice for remote teams that need a lot of video calls.

Pricing: As a part of Office 365, starting from $8.25 / user / month

19. Glip


Glip is another team collaboration and messaging app similar to Slack. It offers the following features: team messaging; task management; screen sharing; sharing files; video meetings; notes for text editing in conversations.

Pricing: Free; $5 per month per user for advanced administration control.

20. Webex


Webex is another alternative Slack tool for working teams. It allows to share files, make video calls, and schedule tasks.

Pricing: Starts from $24 per month for up to 8 people

21. Missive


Missive will help you to combine emails and chats into one dashboard. It does not try to move you away from email, but help you to collaborate with it along with SMS and social media.

Pricing: Basic plan for free; upgrades from $8 / user / month.

22. Hive


Build an intensive workflow with your team using Hive. It features boards and integrated chat that helps to keep your projects moving along faster.

Pricing: $12/mo per user (with min 5 users)

23. Wire


Wire was also mentioned in the previous article about Whatsapp alternatives. It started as an instant messaging app, but now Wire is an excellent tool for collaboration for teams.

Pricing: From 4EUR / user / month to 6EUR / user / month

24. Jandi


Jandi is a work collaboration tool that is designed to suit the culture and goals of the Asian market. With its help, you can assign tasks to yourself and other members.

Pricing: Free; $5/mo for upgrade

25. Fuze


If you are looking for a full-fledged collaboration app, Fuze is here to help. It integrates with numerous other apps to check all your inboxes.

Pricing: Free plan, Pro plan for $20/user/mo, Premium plan for $40/user/mo

26. Samepage


Samepage allows you to write down all the tasks you are working on at the moment and figure out what to do next. It gives you an opportunity to work and edit the same document at the same time and chat at once.

Pricing: starts at $8/mo./user

27. Bitrix24


Bitrix24 can help you to keep all your emails, meetings, files, and contacts in one place. Besides, this software is a social network for your team where you can share news, discuss everything, and send files.

Pricing: $39/mo. for 24 users

28. Cisco Jabber


Jabber by Cisco will cover all your collaboration and communication needs. You can use it for group chats, instant messages, or video calls.

Pricing: Business Essentials plan for $149/month

29. Podio


If your team need a platform to share files, manage projects, and organize contacts, Podio is a great tool. Podio, part of the Cisco family of apps that works as a social media network and group chat.

Pricing: $9/mo./user from 5 users

30. Highside


Highside is also known as ClearChat. This app is a secure alternative to Slack for teams who work with sensitive data. Their messenger, file sharing, and file storing are the safest on the web, as they claim.

Pricing: STANDARD $4.67 per user/month; PREMIUM $12.50 per user/month; try for free

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Asaf Fybish

Asaf Fybish is a Tel Aviv-based growth marketing professional. He likes all things organic, especially when it comes to growth. He's our Chief of Stash at StartupStash