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Best SonarSource Alternatives From Around The Web

SonarSource is an industry-leading solution that enables developers and development teams to write clean code and remediate existing code organically.

Anchored on an open core principle, the company carries a commitment to transparency, security, and continuous improvement of their Open Source solution. The tool was developed with a small vision to democratize access to code quality but has now transformed into a mission to provide world-class solutions to empower every developer to write better code.

But did you know that there are some great alternatives to SonarSource that you can consider? So, let’s take a look at some of the best SonarSource alternatives. By the end of this article, we’re sure that you’ll have in-depth information about the various options, their features, and the pricing structure.

JIRA is the tracker for teams planning and building great products. Thousands of teams choose this to capture and organize issues, assign work, and follow team activity. At your desk or on the go with the new mobile interface, it helps your team get the job done.

Use JIRA to capture and organize your team's issues, prioritize and take action on what's important, and stay up to date with what's going on around you.

Phabricator is a scalable code hosting platform that can powerfully provide you with a combination of tools selectively for cooperating and completing software projects quickly with proper documentation. Actually, this cross-platform tool excels at reviewing code, identifying bugs, project management, and a variety of other tasks that you may require. If you occasionally feel the need to purchase support to assist you to ease workflows in any of your projects, this tool will help you out.

Bugzilla is a bug reporting and defect tracking tool. You can expect easy and stable upgrades and maintenance with this tool.

It is a comprehensive permissions system that can link different defects for tracking purposes. Furthermore, this tool serves as excellent security to protect confidentiality. It also has integrated email capabilities.

Instabug delivers real-time reports throughout the application's lifecycle. It helps mobile app developers detect bugs and errors and solve them before they affect the app's performance.

Instabugs’ triple threat of APM, Crash Reporting, and Bug Reporting tools help optimize your app’s performance and deliver the high-quality experience every user expects and deserve. It only takes a few minutes to accelerate and integrate all your workflows.

Coverity Scan efficiently works with the action of the Code Sight IDE plugin. This enables developers to analyze, find and fix quality defects and security issues as they write the code.

The fast and accurate incremental analysis runs in the background to minimize disruption, giving developers real-time results, including CWE information, remediation guidance, and relevant security training, directly within the IDE.

ShellCheck is a shell script linter. It is a tool that statically analyzes shell scripts for any shenanigans such as syntax errors, stylistic, and deprecated ways of writing shell scripts and suggests ways of improving the quality of the written code.

It points out and clarifies typical intermediate level semantic problems that cause a shell to behave strangely. It also points out subtle caveats, corner cases and pitfalls that may cause an advanced user's otherwise working script

FogBugz is used to keep track of all the bugs found while testing. It provides you with all the features you need to make great software, including project management, issue tracking, and support, fused with just enough process to help you deliver.

FogBugz can be used as a bug tracking tool, project management system, agile management – Kanban system, and discussion forum. Its application adds up efficient working and simplicity to the process of software development.

Formerly known as OnTime, this tool is a feature-rich Scrum software, developed particularly for agile software projects and teams. Its powerful features make Axosoft the most effective Scrum software online.

With this tool, it is easy for project teams to track user stories and defects within the project.

Sentry helps the developer diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of their code. With the application of Sentry, developers around the globe save energy, time, and most probably some therapy sessions. S

entry supports more than 30 coding languages, which means it can be accessed by anyone. They also integrate with a whole bunch of useful tools (and a few necessary evils), including but definitely not limited to GitHub, Slack, and Jira.

Bugsnag is a full-stack stability monitoring solution with best-in-class functionality for mobile applications. The tool helps its users address the issues before it escalates, creating a joyful experience for both customers and engineers.

Whenever an error is detected, it is sent to your Bugsnag Dashboard for you to view and debug. Furthermore, the users are also notified by email, chat, and SMS.

Helix ALM helps manage and centralize all the required applications, test cases, all the issues, and other developmental antiquity and their relationships.

Formerly known as TestTrack, Helix ALM helps reduce product development risk, enables collaboration, and automates traceability with its modular suite of ALM tools. One can make improved decisions and reduce product development risk by increasing the visibility of the overall health across projects.

Airbrake is a cloud-based error and bug reporting solution that caters to development teams in small and midsize organizations.

Its features include backlog management program, filtration of the content, management of the tickets, tracking of issues, and mainly workforce management. It helps users resolve their technical and code errors by reporting bugs directly to the developer team.

In addition to classic analyses such as MISRA, AUTOSAR C++14, or metrics, Axivion Suite also allows you to check the compliance of your software architecture. Access a full range of analysis tools in a single place. This includes static code analysis, architecture analysis, and effective tools for the detection of code smells.

Axivion Suite application reveals various technical issues and problems and works to stop software corruption in your projects.

GitLab is the optimized open-source code collaboration platform that allows a full workflow to create, review, and deploy code simply and effectively. This tool includes a Git repository management, code review, issue tracking, wikis, and more, along with GitLab CI, a continuous integration and deployment tool.

Built to run on a client's infrastructure, GitLab scales effortlessly and handles more than 25,000 users on a single server. GitLab enables engineering teams to build better products.

Embold supports developers and development teams in analyzing issues of critical code before they have become roadblocks. It is a perfect application to investigate, determine, modify, and encourage the software efficiently and effectively.

Waiting for the technical debt to skyrocket to take action is old school and expensive. Embold helps you find issues before they happen! Embold has offices across the globe - in Western Europe and Asia.

Codebeamer extends ALM functionalities with product line configuration capabilities and provides unique configurability for complex processes.

Codebeamer offers unique digital workflows for collaborative development, efficiency in product line engineering, and regulatory compliance. Connect all development tools to provide your teams with a central development hub. Easily adapt the solution to special engineering needs, and automate process control for regulatory requirements.

PVS-Studio can be used by developers, managers, and security personnel to identify bugs and errors in code. The tool detects various errors, typos, dead code, and potential vulnerabilities.

It helps developers quickly debug software without the time-consuming efforts of manual searching and experimentation.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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