Top Web3 SEO Agencies

Top Web3 SEO Agencies

Technology has significantly changed how people do business throughout time. Consider the internet as an example. Who would have thought that in 2020, the internet would be the driving force behind trade worth $4.5 trillion in the United States alone? However, here we are! The web has seen three iterations: Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and […]

Top 10 Functional Programming Conferences in 2022

Functional Programming Conferences

Functional programming is a computing model in computer science in which systems are built by executing and combining operations. It’s an expressive software framework in which function declarations are trees of equations that transfer variables to other numbers instead of a series of demanding assertions that change the program’s current context. Hence, Functional Programming Conferences […]

Top 10 Crypto STOs

Crypto STOs

Security Token Offerings, often known as crypto STOs, are currently one of the most popular methods for launching new crypto businesses. STOs (Secure Token Offerings) are more regulated and less susceptible to fraud than ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). In 2022, hundreds of new crypto STOs will go live, bringing with them play-to-earn games, metaverse initiatives, […]

Top 26 IT Conferences To Attend in 2022

IT Conferences

Every new year presents an excellent opportunity to pull out your diary, grab a pencil and mark some dates to visit the industry’s biggest IT conferences. IT conferences are a terrific opportunity to understand and learn from industry professionals and reinvigorate your love for technology, with everything from mind-blowing, cutting-edge tech displays to astonishing keynote […]

Top 21 AppSec Conferences To Attend in 2023

AppSec Conferences

While security issues may not always be at the forefront of a software developer’s priority list, it is a significant component of the profession that you cannot know too much about. While developers typically receive support in this sector from their organizations and can turn to internet resources, being engaged in a setting of like-minded […]


This tool allows you to create an AI chatbot that can answer your questions, provide you with personalised service, and direct calls to the appropriate agent.  Natural language processing (NLP) and interfaces with prominent messaging platforms are among the many tools and capabilities it offers to help organisations personalise and manage their chatbots. Among the […]

A1 Tracker

To help businesses of all sizes better monitor and mitigate risks throughout their contract, migration, insurance, asset, and claim processes, A1 Tracker has developed an enterprise risk management tool available in the cloud.  With the use of A1 Tracker’s web dashboard, customers are able to visualise data in the form of charts, heat maps, graphs, […]


The purpose of Pitcher, a sales enablement platform, is to assist organizations to enhance their digital communication and engagement with consumers and potential clients.  When users aren’t connected to the internet, they may still access their CRM data and make changes or updates, such as adding new clients or scheduling calls. It also provides resources […]

Badger Maps

Badger Maps is an integrated tool that combines the functions of planning, routing, and scheduling for use in field sales management.  Badger Maps’ filtered map can also be used as a new lead generation tool. Prospects can be filtered by sector, layered with data about existing clients, and uncovered by field workers looking for fresh […]


LeadSquared CRM is a HIPAA-compliant tool that protects the privacy of patients’ health records by virtue of a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). LeadSquared is an all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) and sales marketing automation platform for managing and following up with leads. LeadSquared gives its users the ability to monitor their field sales pipeline from […]


The ringDNA is a coaching tool that allows managers to provide feedback on conversations, and collect and archive the most effective calls and teaching moments for use in future training. The tool could improve the efficiency of your sales team by automating routine tasks and requiring that all call activities be documented in Salesforce. Learn […]


OnePageCRM Startup Stash


OnePageCRM is a great software for managing contacts for franchisees and is mostly known for its ease of use and unique to-do-list functionality. Franchisees can manage their entire company from OnePageCRM without having to switch between spreadsheets or to-do applications. All contact information is stored on one page that can be scrolled, which includes past […]


Dynamo is another piece of AutoDesk’s architecture software that generates blueprints according to user input.  The geometry engine in Dynamo is widely considered to be among the best available in any design program. Using this method simplifies the process of working with intricate parts. Also, it’s easy to integrate with other BIM processes and tools. […]


Katana is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system built for factories that offer complete stock management. Other features include real-time inventory and production management. Shopify, WooCommerce, and many more top e-commerce, accounting, CRM, automation, and reporting service providers are all compatible with Katana. Katana also has an open API that may be used to build […]

Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems is a CRM system that includes a GDPR-compliant method of collecting user consent. The integrated marketing suite in this tool is part of the tool’s comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) solution, allowing you to manage your campaigns without leaving the CRM. Your website can act as a lead generator, allowing you to […]


PartnerTap Alternatives

Built by and for sales reps, PartnerTap’s PRM platform is fully focused on assisting salespeople on both sides of the partnership. Cross-partner security Keep your data secure, while still empowering partners with the information they need, with multiple levels of protection. PartnerTap turns partner spreadsheets into new pipelines by identifying specific accounts where partners can […]


Partner helps provide your partners with all the information they need to track leads, deals, and promotions. Add any resource your partners may need, and adjust all of your settings to suit your and your partner’s needs. It includes smooth integrations and REST API. You can sync your sales pipeline to efficiently track leads […]