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F6S Alternatives To Help You Rise Funds For Your Business

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when looking for high-quality capital raising tools. However, we have just the thing for you. F6S is one of the best capital raising tools out there. Thousands of F6Sers a day apply to accelerators, pitch to investment funds, post or apply for jobs, get free deals, and grow. The F6S name comes shortening the six letters between F and S to F6S and it's all about tech, getting stuff done, and growing. The best way to look for tools or resources is by looking for alternatives to already popular tools. Therefore, we curated this list of alternatives to F6S to help you out. In this list, we cover multiple capital raising tools, each of which has its own description. So, you can browse through and shortlist the ones that sound perfect for your requirements. Dive into this F6S alternatives list with us, and you will find some precious treasure in this ocean.

Gust is Simply Powerful. Keep a complete history of company ownership, from initial setup to IPO. Every transaction is supported by your legal documents, adjustments take just a few clicks, and we make it easy to get data in and out. Create your own ledger where every transaction is recorded in time, from the first entry through adjustments and transfers. That makes it easy to audit transactions by searching for a specific person, date, or security. Gust makes it breezy! is built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Build and share your cap table, conveniently and securely in the cloud. Create and issue stock classes and convertible instruments. Explore investment round and exit scenarios. Keep everyone on the same page and provide transparency to avoid costly mistakes. is a free, powerful, equity management software used by over 26,000 companies to keep accurate records, plan financing rounds, generate reports and track changes.

SeedInvest provides investors with inside access to highlyֲ­vetted startup investment opportunities and makes investing in startups as easy as buying a share of stock.

Since launching in 2013, SeedInvest has attracted thousands of investors who are collectively looking to invest over $330 million in startups.

Dealroom is the new way investors and tech companies are connected. They operate across all investment stages, from seed stage to late growth stage. Dealroom enables investors to track companies' progress and await the right moment to step in.

Entrepreneurs can control incoming investment interest more efficiently, and use Dealroom as their official channel for outgoing information to potential investors. 

AngelList one of the best resources for startups, angel investors and job-seekers looking to work at startups. Founded by Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi, AngelList offers investment syndicates in which startups raise money from accredited investors investing alongside prominent angel investors.

Moreover, investors can invest in early-stage startups and startups can find team members, angel investors and venture capital on Angel List. The one place where startups can thrive.

Foundersuite creates awesome tools for helping startups raise capital and build investor relationships.

The suite includes:
- a CRM for managing your investor funnel;
- a searchable VC database;
- an Investor Updater tool to create monthly progress reports;
- a comprehensive set of spreadsheets and templates (e.g. pitch decks, models, cap tables, founders agreements, NDAs, and much more);
- a curated set of deals on other popular products (e.g. Stripe, InVision, Gusto, eShares, and more).


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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