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Best Alternatives From Around The Web is a great data mining tool that offers a platform that is equipped with the capabilities to integrate, analyse, and organise data in preparation for analytic use. is a platform that allows for the integration of any and all types of data. It provides options for both no code and low code. A component that uses an API will allow for a higher level of customization and flexibility. It allows for the transmission of data across databases and data warehouses, as well as the transformation of that data. It offers support via e-mail, instant messaging, telephone, and web-based meetings. is a cloud-based solution for extracting, loading, and converting data across platforms and data warehouses.

With, Data will be centrally located and effectively prepared for business intelligence. You can turn your data warehouse into a data platform with the help of's ETL, Reverse ETL, and API Management services.'s scalable platform guarantees that companies can take advantage of the potential provided by big data without investing in hardware, software, or related staff.

There are a bunch of decent tools out there that offer the same array of services as And it can sure get confusing to choose the best from the lot. Luckily, we've got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools to suit your unique work needs, complete with features and pricing.

Workers can use the GUI to conduct data exploration and prototype-based qualitative analysis. In Orange, team members can use testing and training data to construct predictive analytics models. Hierarchical clustering and zoo data sets can be used by staff to infer phylogenetic relationships. Users can aggregate and alter the data using the pivot table feature, allowing them to compare financed and unfunded projects and see where the gaps lie.

SAS's scalable, distributed memory processing architecture is one of its most attractive features. It can be utilised for tasks like text mining, optimization, and data mining. It simplifies the time-consuming task of creating models through data mining with the help of this tool. The best possible outputs from the data mining process are mapped out using the tool's interactive, self-documenting process flow diagram environment.

MonkeyLearn is an AI-based platform that enables you to automate business activities and save hours of manual data processing by analyzing texts.

MonkeyLearn offers a simple graphical user interface through which users can build machine learning models for sentiment analysis, topic recognition, and keyword extraction to produce customized text classification. It helps developers in creating text extractors to retrieve particular keywords, features, or objects from a text.

RapidMiner is a data science platform that is enterprise-ready and amplifies the aggregate impact of your organization's people, expertise, and data in order to provide you with a breakthrough competitive advantage. Non-programmers are able to intuitively design predictive workflows for specific use cases, such as fraud detection and customer attrition, thanks to its drag-and-drop interface and pre-made models. These models are already built.

Classification, regression, prediction, anomaly detection, and other data mining algorithms are all included. This is Oracle's proprietary software, and their technical support team will be there to assist you set up an enterprise-level data mining infrastructure. Customers' actions can be predicted, profiles can be segmented, fraud can be uncovered, and the most promising leads can be singled out with the help of Oracle Data Mining models.

This is possible because of IBM SPSS Modeler's intuitive interface. An intuitive drag-and-drop user interface makes it possible for users with little or no prior programming skills to apply complex algorithms to construct prediction models. Data science teams are able to integrate massive amounts of data from a variety of sources using IBM's SPSS Modeler. This data may then be reorganised to reveal hidden tendencies and patterns.

It provides support for several data mining tasks, such as preprocessing, classification, regression, clustering, and visualisation, and it does it using a graphical interface that makes it simple to use. Weka's built-in machine-learning algorithms make it possible for you to quickly test your ideas and deploy models without having to write any code. These algorithms are available for each of the tasks listed above.

Data can be accessed, blended, analysed, and visualised without the need for any code, and your preferred tools and libraries may be integrated into the platform as required. Because the tool makes use of pre-built components, rapid modelling may be accomplished without the need to enter a single line of code. KNIME is a platform that can analyse various forms of data and apply advanced algorithms.

It supports the most common machine learning methods to assist users in rapidly constructing and readily deploying machine learning models, even if the users are not experts in the field. Because it uses distributed computing in memory and can be incorporated via an API that is available in all of the major programming languages, H2O is an excellent tool for performing analysis on enormous datasets.

Sisense has many widgets that simplify the process of making charts, graphs, and tables for reports. Sisense allows for the consolidation and storage of data from a wide variety of sources in a single location.

You can use the refined data to craft reports with eye-catching visuals for a non-technical audience. Its data management and processing abilities are outstanding, and it can be used by businesses of any size.

Data clustering, classification, and collaborative filtering are the primary areas of concentration here. Java is the programming language used to write Mahout, and it also has Java libraries that can do mathematical operations such as linear algebra and statistics. Mahout continues to expand as a result of the ever-expanding number of algorithmic features that are incorporated within Apache Mahout.

Rattle makes the statistical power of R more accessible by giving a significant amount of data mining functionality. Even though Rattle has a comprehensive and well-developed user interface (UI), it also includes an integrated log code tab that produces duplicate code for any activity that takes place at the GUI. Viewing and making changes to the data set that was produced by Rattle are both possible.

The main target audience includes scientists, engineers, and academics. DMelt is an extremely useful tool that can be used on multiple platforms, and it was developed using the JAVA programming language. It is compatible with any platform that supports the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) (Java Virtual Machine). Data mining, statistical analysis, and large-scale data analysis are all possible with DMelt. It has many applications in engineering, economics, and the physical sciences.

Teradata is a multi-cloud data platform provider with a data warehouse and relational database solutions. The company offers a wide range of integrated marketing services and big data analytic solutions.

The platform unites data sources and types, analytics, data lakes, and data warehouses. Users can scale dimensions to manage enormous data workloads. Businesses can make use of this role-based, no-code software to track and manage their data.

The speed with which Dundas integrates new features and provides insights is quite dependable. It offers an infinite number of data transformation patterns together with aesthetically pleasing tables, charts, and graphs. A nice feature that Dundas BI offers is the ability to access data from a wide variety of devices while still maintaining complete document security.

Apache Spark is capable of distributing data processing activities across numerous computers, either on its own or in conjunction with other distributed computing technologies. This helps in deployment of enormous amounts of computer power in order to sift through immense data archives.

Thousands of companies, including 80% of the Fortune 500, use Apache Spark. And it has over 2,000 contributors to its open source project from around the globe.

It is made up of subcomponents that are designed to fulfil particular organisational requirements. Cognos Connection, Query Studio, Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Workspace Advance, and Event Studio. Large and midsize businesses as well as organisations in various types of industries can take advantage of the self-service analytics that Cognos Analytics offers thanks to the incorporation of cognitive guidance, a web-based interface, and additional data visualisation features.

It makes it easier for you to access on-premise applications as well as organised and semi-structured sources. It gives you the ability to optimise apps for the amount of data they consume and the updates they receive. The degrees of data investigation and reporting that are offered by this tool can be personalised and kept secure. The Inbuilt Spark platform allows the tool to scale up to accommodate customers with enormous data volumes.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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