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Best Free Threema Alternatives For Online Messaging

Team communication tools are constantly being created and developed. One of the best out there is Threema; it's a chatting app for mobile devices with a similar interface to Whatsapp. With Threema you can send images, text messages and GPS locations in the chat. It also syncs all your contact lists so that you can easily find users of the app.

Threema also puts security and privacy first, so you can chat with your friends, family, and team without having to worry about someone else reading your messages.. However, like all software, Threema also has its limitations, or you may not like using it. However, there are so many alternatives to Threema out there, so it may be difficult to know which ones are good.

In this list, we'll discuss several Threema alternatives. Before choosing the best one for your needs, make sure to double-check their pro and cons. After all, there's a perfect team communication tool for anyone out there. You just have to find it (hopefully, in this list).

Signal is a popular chatting app with a high level of privacy and user security. It also comes with a timer that automatically deletes your messages.

Just like with Whatsapp, you can easily send text messages, create group chats, share files, and make video/voice calls. Signal is also free for use and comes with zero advertising.

Element is a universal secure chat application designed to enhance communication and collaboration. As an open-source application, built on Matrix, you can take control over your own data by hosting it on your own server.

With Element, you can organize rooms around any topic you like, share files, chat, add widgets and make video calls or organize conferences.

Discord is a free chat application, initially created for gamers. The platform gained popularity and is now used by different communities with different interests. It makes chatting easy even if it's mainly oriented towards video gaming.

It can be used to create servers, both public and private that allow you to chat with people via text, video, or voice. On Discord, you can find or create groups on a variety of topics, like self-improvement, productivity, cryptocurrency, and more.

Tox is a free and secure software that allows you to connect with your team, friends, or family.

Its features include instant messaging, voice and video communication, screen sharing, file sharing, and group chats.

Free to use, encrypted, and with zero advertising, Tox is a secure solution for online communication.

HighSide is an ultra-secure team collaboration software and communication solution. Compared to the most popular tools used nowadays, this comes with a lot more security features like end-to-end encryption, geolocation-based access controls and protection against phishing and spoofing attacks.

With HighSide, you can easily communicate with your team and increase productivity while ensuring that your data is as secure as it can be.

Telegram is a powerful communication solution that allows you to connect and coordinate with groups of up to 20,000 members from anywhere, share data, and synchronize chats on different devices.

It's free, secure and easy to use. For more security, Telegram has a timer function that lets you destroy your messages after a period of time. Their goal is to provide a reliable communication platform and keep your text and data secure.

StartupStash Team

The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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