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Best Verizon Alternatives From Around The Web

Verizon CDN has superior performance and enterprise features that helped them establish themselves in the world of CDNs. 

Some of Verizon’s other features include granular control over their self-service portal, and facilities such as APIs and Rules Engine also exist. It has rich reporting capabilities that provide total visibility. Another one of its added advantages is Global Scalability with huge capacity with twenty-four-seven professional support.

But did you know that there are some great alternatives to Verizon that you can consider? So, let’s take a look at some of the best Verizon alternatives. By the end of this article, we’re sure that you’ll have in-depth information about the various options, their features, and the pricing structure.

Cloudfront uses edge locations which is a worldwide network of data centers to deliver the content. Cloudfront routes the requests of users for content to the edge location which causes the least delay, ensuring the delivery of the best possible performance. The delivery time is shorter when the content requested is already in the edge location, otherwise, CloudFront obtains it from the origin identified by us as the source of the content.

The main motto behind Fastly’s content delivery service is control and accountability. They aim to provide easy and quick access to sites and apps, facilitate highest quality video broadcasting and ensure real-time visibility. All these are provided in a nimble API-first platform. Furthermore Fastly aids a serverless compute environment to innovate with greater security and scalability no matter the architecture in use.

This network gives developers a universal solution for distributing content with high bandwidth through caching the data at different locations. This is a suitable option for end-users who are situated far from the content source or have multiple intermediary nodes in between to even get to the content. In addition, Azure’s ability to scale and handle abrupt high load and demand made its service popular.

With a global network of 240,000 edge servers, Akamai is an important content distributor for many businesses across the globe. To provide quick and easy content delivery Akamai positioned their edge servers directly in ISPs or the mobile data towers reducing delay in connecting with user ISP before entering the Akamai network. Akamai has one of the strongest technology among all the CDNs and has the ability to handle complex demands.

Sucuri has the ability to speed up our website by 70% even with zero configuration. One of the key features of Sucuri is its best-in-class research along with free technical support provided by a team of experienced professionals.

Furthermore, they do not let website security degrade the user experience and provide multiple caching options for almost every kind of website. Thus it is a perfect combination of protection and speed optimization.

It is difficult to provide cache control on most CDNs but Netlify has managed to solve the problem through efficient global deployment that results in an instant, atomic update of the user’s application. It can invalidate worldwide caches immediately which enables them to support richer applications than any CDN can. It guarantees deploys thousands of times without the possibility of stale assets or even partial deploys.

The stack path CDN functions smoothly, by caching the web contents in locations that are situated close to the consumers of the website. The nodes in the global network are provided by each point of presence (POP) that helps in storing and serving an optimized cache for the content request of locals. It causes remarkable website performance as its cache optimization decreases unnecessary stress to the origin.

This global content delivery network aims to provide services that are easy to access by the majority of the population with greater ease. The KeyCDN architecture is built by them and they own their infrastructure as well. Their POPs are located in places such as Equinix, Softlayer, and Digital Realty which are premium SSAE 16-amenable data centers. The reason behind their low latency is the 100% SSD-optimised servers and Nginx.

One of the unique features of Citrix is its use of RUM(Real User Monitoring), which basically means understanding the impact of internet performances on customer satisfaction and their corresponding engagement. Citrix collects RUM data from its users when they access different applications across clouds and data centers creating an all-encompassing picture of internet health. Its flexibility and adaptability have earned them a reputation among global CDN users.

Fortinet has over 70 firewalls of varying sizes which is simple but powerful. Fortinet detects threats and enforces security everywhere. It has converged networking and provides security across endpoints, networks, and even clouds. This in turn establishes high-performing connectivity and facilitates coordinated real-time threat detection and policy enforcement. Thus there is no doubt that Fortinet provides one of the most secure CDN services.

Oracle provides high-performance content delivery along with cloud-native CDN capabilities to Oracle’s unique next-generation cloud infrastructure. This powerful combination helps in providing lightning-fast web and streaming services for organizations searching for ways to heighten and have control over their content delivery at scale while balancing the economic aspect as well.It caches content close to users for faster data delivery.

Qualys has the feature of automatic analysis and collection of IT, security, and compliance data in the most scalable nature possible. Its cloud-based architecture makes it easier to install and manage and in addition to this, it even facilitates easy access to its services through a web-based interface. Its encrypted database is strategically secured with the help of the n-tiered architecture of load-balanced servers.

The Radware CDN service which is powered by Verizon utilizes a worldwide network of vigorous cache servers. Radware is authorized with intelligent caching techniques that ensure data is served from as close to the user as possible and provides a faster download speed. It boosts web security for the users through the use of technologies like DDoS mitigation and by utilizing multi-layered security architectures.

It provides intelligent and instantaneously effective 360-degree anti-DDoS solutions(having layers 3-4 and 7)along with a global CDN to boost the website's load speed with minimal bandwidth usage. It utilizes a collection of performance monitoring and analytical services that generate insight into the website’s security and performance. Imperva protects hybrid and to some extent the modern architectures to reduce risk.

CDN77 provides smooth performance delivery of almost all the major video formats including, MP4, HLS, MPEG-DASH, and CMAF to every platform and device. With its remarkable in-house team CDN77 shows high compatibility with the latest technologies. It facilitates one of the most secure connections that is powered by the latest TLS 1.3 with 0-RTT. It has some additional video features as well with easy access to encoding and transcoding into adaptive profiles.

They provide a new procedure for delivering modern applications with outstanding performance on a global scale excluding servers, software with complicated infrastructure, or even DevOps time. It has managed to offer a system of automated app deployment across the global network that has resulted in leveraging built-in app security and caused intelligent traffic routing. The users need not perform any extra infrastructural operations.

Aimed at improving business performance, Haltdos uses an authoritative DNS backed by a global anycast network, resulting in 100% data availability and the least delay in content delivery.

The records change instantaneously which is ideal for quicker migrations, scalability, and failovers. It also has a strong security provision that fixes any security issues by running periodic audits that detect vulnerabilities before they are exploited by hackers.

Being the second most popular public CDN it hosts a vast variety of projects. Due to its use of two DNS providers even when one of them stops working the other can keep the CDN online. All the served files of JSDelivr are cached at the origin servers on the SSD disks. Its permanent cache is hosted by Amazon S3 where it gets its locally un-cached files. Following the initial step of retrieving the files all of them get permanently cached on S3.

This CDN not only improves the electronic software delivery but also gives timely updates. It offers image optimization that is the best-in-class and thus helps in maintaining uniform visual quality. This improves client engagement through the delivery of high-quality images. But aside from these Tata CDN also has a unique system of safeguarding data and consumers' information to provide a better user experience.

Being the necessary element for all major businesses around the world Cloudflare has established a strong presence as CDN through its fast, efficient and easy access to content. Not only that it has managed to provide quick data access but guarantees the security of content as well. Furthermore, it allows developers to add their necessary applications without necessitating the condition of being a developer.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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