Startup Resources: 10 Free Invoicing Apps

Small businesses are not only weathering the global economic turmoil, they’re growing. With SMBs and the freelance economy on the rise, new technology has sprung up to solve pain points across the SMB service pipeline. One struggle for small businesses and freelancers alike has historically been issuing invoices.

The kingpin of SMB financing, invoicing was once a time-consuming, frustrating endeavor that made tracking and follow-up a herculean task. Today, small businesses can easily access any number of invoice generators online that make creating, managing, and sending invoices a breeze.

Below are our top 10 free invoicing apps.


Invoicequick is true to its name: it’s an easy-to-use invoicing app that lets you create basic invoices in a matter of minutes. Among the app’s best features are its payment stub, which makes it easier for businesses to get paid by snail mail, its clean interface, and the ability to easily personalize their template with your company logo. Plus, once you register for their free account, you can save customer profiles and invoices, and choose from the app’s limited number of templates.  


Don’t let Free-Invoice-Generator’s simple interface fool you—the app is actually a highly customizable if basic free invoice tool. Users can edit nearly every point on the page, allowing for personalization. The left-hand column of the app has all the financial considerations an SMB might need to tally up their invoice total and present it succinctly to customers, including the type of currency, shipping, tax, and discounts applied. For businesses that are wary of free apps harvesting their data, Free-Invoice-Generator states outright that although invoices are generated on its servers they are deleted after 10 minutes. 


Wave’s suite of free accounting, receipts, and invoicing services empowers SMB owners to take hold of their finances. The company’s straightforward invoicing app enables users to generate and instantly send customized invoice templates to customers. One of the main selling points of Wave is its synchronized trio of services: if you use the company’s accounting software, your accounts are immediately updated the moment you get paid. Other advantages of the app include notification perks, such as invoice email reminders and alerts when customers have viewed an invoice along with Wave’s recurring billing feature. However, there is a small transaction fee to enable online payments through the app. 


Hiveage (previously Curdbee) provides online financial services for SMBs, including invoicing, financial reports, and time, expenses, and mileage tracking. The company’s free invoice generator’s intuitive interface makes filling in an invoice fast and simple. While users need to pay to unlock Hiveage’s other services, Hiveage’s free invoice tool lets users customize the template with their logo, and download the template as a PDF. The unique aspect of Hiveage is what’s below the template: the company walks users through the steps of filling out an invoice, explaining the importance of each section. For entrepreneurs just starting out, Hiveage’s free tool presents the right blend of simple yet informative. 

Invoice Generator – Zoho

Offering cloud software and SaaS solutions for freelancers and small businesses, Zoho has over 40 million users worldwide. In addition to integrating with some of the leading payment and cloud platforms, such as PayPal, Stripe, G Suite and Dropbox, Zoho also lets you customize your templates and automate some of the more tedious aspects of invoicing such as payment reminders and recurring invoicing. However, Zoho’s free version comes with certain restrictions: only 5 users, 2 projects, and it only integrates with Google Apps. Paying subscribers are able unlock Zoho’s full suite of accounting services and integrations. 

Tiny Invoice

Tiny Invoice has a compelling origin story: its creator, tired of helping his father put out invoicing fires on Excel, decided to launch a super simple invoicing platform. While the creator’s father refused to desert Excel, Tiny Invoice could have transformed his invoicing from headache to no-brainer. The platform’s straightforward interface has users fill in their information in clearly designated slots, then print or save it as a PDF. This is a good choice for SMBs or freelancers that only need a basic invoicing app; there is no way to customize the template or add anything beyond a verbal description. 

Invoiced – Invoice Generator

Claiming to be the original invoice generator, this tool’s classy yet simple interface makes it easy to invoice on the go. Slightly more customizable than Tiny Invoice, this platform lets you upload a logo and choose from a long list of currencies for billing. Like Hiveage, Invoiced’s invoice generator features an explanation section in which SMBs can explore the importance of invoicing while receiving step-by-step instructions of how to do it right. For businesses that are seeking more comprehensive free accounting tools, however, Invoiced probably isn’t the right fit. Only users that upgrade to Invoiced’s paid version gain access to premium features like online payments, alerts when customers view an invoice, and financial reports. 


Invoicely (formerly Invoiceable) is a beautifully designed free invoicing platform with a slew of exciting features on offer. The company’s free plan is best suited for a very small business, letting a single user conduct a wide range of actions, such as template customization, workflow and reminders automation, unlimited invoices, billing in any currency, and online payment acceptance to a PayPal account. SMBs seeking to scale could start by using Invoicely’s free version and upgrade to the platform’s paid version as the company and its accounting needs progress.  

Online Invoices

Online Invoices presents a full range of cloud-based billing and accounting software for SMBs and freelancers. Their free invoice tool has several clear advantages: a plethora of field-specific, easy to navigate templates that are customizable with your company’s logo and support multi-currency billing. Unlike other free tools, invoices sent through the platform itself can be paid online via leading payment processors like Stripe, PayPal, and eWay. Like Invoicely, Online Invoices’s free invoice generator is probably better suited for smaller SMBs and freelancers, as it comes with limitations: only 15 clients, with a choice of just 2 layouts, and the ability to send up to 15 invoices per month. 

Shopify – Free Invoice Generator

Ecommerce platform builder Shopify has a myriad of products for ecommerce companies, with 600,000 online stores and $82 billion worth of sales. However, SMBs don’t have to be Shopify customers to use the company’s free invoice generator. All users need to do is quickly fill in the required fields and upload their logo before Shopify quickly generates a clean invoice for them to download, print, or send. Like other platforms on this list, Shopify lets you generate as many invoices as you want at no cost. However, to access any other payment services the ecommerce giant has on offer, SMBs or freelancers will have to become paying users to upgrade. 

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